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Design And Control

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Sky dancer is one of the best free range games to download and pay! All items in the application are completely optional! It is safe to say that you are ready to challenge the best scroll at this time Free Download game.

These Permissions Are Need

1- Der to become a Droid and James

2- Voluntary requirement

3- To download game information, we need the consent to store your gadgets. If you are allowed to allow permissions as well, it will be ideal:



6- To catch your responses during the gameplay, we also need camera and receiver permissions as well:

7- Camera


Public Feedback:

1-) Amazing This game has a very easy to understand control layout and amazing models, textures and just straight up beautiful. I only have one problem I think the air controls are a bit too sticky and floaty. You think you’re going to land on the platform but you miss it because your character keeps on going when you let go. Otherwise, great games. Keep making great games.

2-) It’s pretty and simple I’m just trying to figure out how to get better at perfect landings Edit: after a long hiatus I’m amazed at how much smoother everything is…I miss my monkey Kong though… I don’t mind unlocking everyone I had before, because this game is relaxing. The added flip animation is a great touch.

3-) Very nice game, great graphics simple and accurate controls.Oh yeah and I love the atmospheric music. The game is also great for improving your concentration and reflexes. The only thing that bothers me is that there is no option to buy once to unlock all the new words..