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New 2018 Software USB Secure protect your Password USB flash disks & external drives


What is USB Secure?

Looking for one thing just like a vault for your transportable drive You are at the proper page. Use USB Secure to take care of excellent USB security by password-protecting your USB containing personal pictures personal documents varied endless recollections and business stuff.

1- Works on all disk varieties
2- Works on all latest Windows
3- Doesn’t need admin privileges

4- Faster than encoding
5- Open just about whereas fastened
6- Save ‘Lost & Found’ data

USB Security

USB Secure word protects your USB drives. merely install the program within the transportable drive you wish to password-protect and every one the information in it’s hidden and is delete proof. To access your files once more, enter the right word and obtain your files back while not requiring you to put in the merchandise once more and while not having any admin privileges.

Virtual Drive choice

To access your files, you’ll be able to choose from unlocking them utterly or simply access the fastened files during a virtual drive. This plug and play feature is handy if you concern from information loss just in case if USB drive is faraway from the computer dead.

Works on all disk varieties

The product works on FAT/FAT/FONTS drive varieties and every one sorts of USB and External drives. irrespective of what proportion information you have got, it’ll be word protected in seconds. USB Secure uses a multi-layer patent unfinished methodology to secure these files on all disk varieties.

Lost and located data

USB Secure allows you to produce a lost and located data so if your USB drive gets lost, somebody will contact you with the data you save with USB Secure. you’ll be able to save your sign, email and address so if it’s found by someone he will reach you.

Have you ever fanciful yourself being hoodwinked by AN identity staler sorting out your USB Drive that you just lost at the flying field or went missing whereas you were aloof from a laptop at an online cafe.

Do you understand that the hacker will take absolute advantage over the actual fact that you just omitted the notion of victimization AN acceptable information leak interference program for your flash drives.

Well, off course, miscalculation like that may happen with anyone, anywhere. But, with AN acceptable information thievery protection program, the chances of turning into such a victim may be virtually zero.

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Carrying giant chunks of knowledge

Carrying giant chunks of knowledge within the pocket has currently become quite common apply currently. Business men, Students, Officials, Lawyers and people from each different field have currently been enthusiastic about the conception of knowledge movables. With gigabytes of knowledge being carried on the go, there’s perpetually an opportunity that the safety of your precious and personal info may be compromised.

To avoid that and to curb all those information thievery prospects, it’s necessary to either use AN encrypted flash drive that are some things not everybody will afford, or to use AN apt encoding software package that’s not solely efficient however reliable enough to confirm final security of your transportable devices.

To salvage your information from falling into wrong hands, USB Secure with its innovative technology, guarantees to word shield your USB drives, thumb drives, memory sticks, pen drive, jump drive, flash drives or perhaps your external arduous drives with only one click.

A conveyable USB security

With a conveyable USB security like USB Secure, protection of your information is simply a couple of steps away. All you would like to try to to is to insert your flash drive, and run the program once putting in it on your Flash drive. Set the word once the program prompts for it, ensure the word, hit the ‘Protect’ button and you’re PROTECTED.

With the easy and hassle-free practicality of this USB drive word protection program, you are doing not ought to run the software package whenever you wish to thievery proof your flash drives. Once the program is put in in your USB drive, it’ll car PLAY itself whenever you insert your USB drive.

Flash drive

If you have got quite one flash drive obstructed into your computer, the installer of the program is sensible enough to sight all of them so you’ll be able to install USB Secure within the transportable drive that you just wish to safeguard.

Even if you have got write protection enabled for your USB Drives, the program is sensible enough to alter it back to traditional so as to allow you to shield information keep in it.

The program can prompt you for AN Administrator word to disable write protection on your USB drive. Moreover, you’ll be able to additionally disable the car PLAY feature of this program if you do not wish the program flashing on your screen whenever you plug your device in.

Never again be disquieted of what is happening to your device whereas it’s lost bi-manual over to somebody or being carried on the go with USB Secure, the privacy of your information will in no approach be compromised.

If you want to Download this software on your PC,Laptops simply click here.

Download this Software: Download free USB Secure.

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