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New 2018 Game The Glorious Resolve Journey To Peace Free Download game


Workers are increasing their domain in Pakistan with the help of external forces. He is trying to strengthen the nation but there is something he should be afraid of armed patriotism.

At this subordinate point, everyone in the country has been involved in the most dangerous risks. Armed Forces Air Force, Navy and SSG Commando are generally cooperating and fight against oppression based on fear, using their strategic potential and best of classical weapons framework.

3D Army Enterprise Shooter

At this 3D Army Enterprise Shooter you will have a tip of the top military power battle on the cutting edge. You will use tactical military weapons to fight against the anti-local occupation through lucky aggressors. As you present through this FPS activity shooter, you will get the opportunity to participate in extraordinary joint tasks, surgical attacks and more and more.

Prepare to test against test and hop in the test experience that will make you behind the anti lines in the most combat war zone of the century.

The ball is currently in our court to deal with them. Update-up, a piece of this wonderful solution and kill the aggressive forces for the last time. Work and navigate to the mountains underground passages and sensitive 3D situations based on dry princesses. Use the revelation rocket frame aerial attack explosive smoke washing hand projection and activists are very important to destroy.

Take up the war zone, Pilot Cobra Helicopters against different parts and wipe out each of the contradictory risks in this activity and emphasize the interesting FPS shooter enterprise missions.

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The Glorious Resolve Journey To Peace is available on  Android Games.

Highlights & Features :

1-To see powerful military weapons to include automatic rifles, sub-attack rifles, shotguns, sharp shooter rifles and guns.

2- Use smoke prolies and air strikes against smoke workers.

3- Interest interesting sound charges.

4- Unique 3D maps are set in a practical domain.

5- Make decoration to open and remove intense weapons.

6- The heavy weapon experts, expertise with a high-speed and anti-armored opposition face a point of view.

7- Fight against top players and influence the most surprising ratings in the online leader on the board.

The Glorious Resolve Journey To Peace is  new 2018 game.

More Information:

Updated                                      Install                                Current version
March 26, 2018                            5,000 – 10,000                         1.0.2
Requires Android                       In-app Products
4.0.3 and up                            Rs 110 – Rs 2,200 per item
Public Feedback
1-) The game is awesome! It really seems like you’re a Pak Army jawaan in the battle zone battling terrorists.Phenomenal stuff. However, the game is restarts after you’ve completed mission 5. Already updated the app. The 6th mission is still locked and says coming soon. Any idea when we can play the game further?
2-) Game restarts after level 5 i think that its incomplete. Furthermore there controls must be described before game start as i played multiple times and came to know what happened from which controls..
3-) I have successfully completed operation Rah-e-Rast. I can’t beyond first mission of Operation Sher Dil. I have done first mission but second is still locked.
4-) Do not want to ruin your rating. Good efforts but very hard to aim on target. Enemy seems to be quite far in map then actual. Should provide auto locking on target or at least easily understandable map. Note:I selected joystick for game play.
The Glorious Resolve Journey To Peace is a  killer game.
If you want to Download this Game then simply click here: Free Download game.

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