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New 2018 Game MARVEL Strike Force Free Download from Google play


In the Marvell Strike Force, this activity allows you to fight for companions and the most hateful opponents to fight out for your telephone or tablet, to fight for the fight. An attack on the ground has started and superhero and super valleys are helping in shaping it!

As Spider-Man collects charge of his squad including his squad, including Dr. Steven, Grant, Rocket Rico, Locke, Electra, Captain America and Iron Man, as you enter the main battle against the new anti-threaten. This is an ideal opportunity for the war! Submit your team and get ready to fight on spare ground!

Submit to you

Strengthen your strike and set a squad of severe marble super heroes and super-valves like Iron Man, Captain America, Pumpkin, Electra, Dr. Unusual, and the sky is far from there.

Quality promotion


Upgrade your superhero and Super Vlamen outfits and get rid of anytime in recent monuments.

Main lady

Who sent war crimes Especially the super hero and Super Vimeon to fight enemies to fight for the fight. The strategy of war in the Master in 5v5 battles helps you to defeat the best opponents of the Marvel universe.


Exquisite game play cinema experience, as your ants release animated series with a single tap.

Rotating visas

Pay a stand between the most obviously versatile versatile contingencies that have already ended. Your wonders super hero and Super Valentine live close to your telephone as close to life.

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Free Download Game

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Download free click here : Download this game.

Public Feedback

1-) Lots of fun. Devs are being generous with things early. Graphics are great. Story is ok strategy is mostly about resource management as most of these style games are hopefully it gets better as things go on. I just wish I had access to beta as I’m way way behind. Also as most of these games.

2-) Started on launch day and everything was great. As of yesterday, the app won’t let me scroll through the store, use in game back and home buttons, allow me to collect my orbs, use global chat or make purchases with power cores or even cash. I’m going to keep playing, because it’s a great game but I.

3-) They didn’t do a player reset so there are already 50 beta players with 1.4m total power. What’s the point of preregistration and starting on release day if I’m going to be weeks or months and hundreds of dollars behind tons of other players. At least start a fresh server if you aren’t going to.

4-) Shaun: We have confirmed that new players were being placed in shards with older pre-launch players. Fortunately, this did not affect the Blitz mode. We’re confident that new players entering the Arena as of today will be placed in server shards according to when they unlock the mode. We will be addressing previously affected players individually.

6-) Installed this just hours ago and have already hit a steep paywall. The game offered to sell me energy refreshes to progress through beginner content – to farm a single node 5 more times within a 24-hr cycle just for a chance at getting a fraction of a decent champion. Would have liked to progress.

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