Download the best hero-based RPG Shooting Entertainment for nothing. Armage with the hero’s own armed force in a forceful of 3 battles; weapons, specialist marks, man rifles, swords, pockets of pockets and this is the roof of the iceberg!

Play Crusade Mode and go to war with the armed forces of Kurtz. Join animated, play the epic center mission with the companions and develop the fight against the online PVPs around the world. Take the ground in opportunities every day, gauntlet mode and multiplayer manager attack!

Twin to bend the best shooter on versatile!

World Classroom Game

● Cover-based, third-person shooter involved with amazing console designs

● Group-based war between the constant constant war between the heroes

● Modern and advanced weapons are playing an extraordinary issue of every heroes; Fireworks with fireworks rifles

● Determine the extraordinary abilities that can change the wave of war rapidly.

Charge your heroes

● Collect the elite hero, each with its specific weapons and unique capabilities.

● Submit the right group to go against regret. Pick your program to find the ideal mix.

● Play your most loved hero as hero and switch between the hero during the gameplay.

● Return every fight, adopt your heroes, remove your skills and get your load out.

● Destroy yourself in a crisade as you fight against the more horrible in the scars of the thieves, the deadly and the Desptan City city.

● Fighting is not over. See Commander Madness Zone of your hero team.

Continuous PVC Tactical Bit Mode

● Challenging its capabilities against various players, progressive multi-purpose activities recruit a strategic PVC fight

● Control craftsmanship and lead orders and groups to a 5-star strategic heroes team

● To develop a powerful military organization to join powerful with your colleagues

● Fighting your opponents seriously on the occasion of serious timing regarding both serious and important collective games.

People feedback :

1- Love what you guys have done here. It’s fun, there are a enough modes and events to keep you entertain. And it’s always improving with new heroes and events. Look forward to how you improve later. Hoping for a pvp game mode later where you maybe have to defend those big war machines while the enemy …

2- The game is to much of a grind to get anywhere. Got about halfway on the campaign and its to hard to get any further. Takes far to long to get hero’s to a high enough level to go on. Continually having to replay to same levels to upgrade hero’s has got boring. Also, trying to get …

3- LOVE IT!!! however I think a cool thing to do, because say you get ten prophet fragments from a crate, it’ll take so long to try and do that so many times it’s just not worth it. So say I could convert those ten prophet fragments into 20 nightingale fragments. I think fragment conversion would b…

4- I really enjoy the game maybe seriously drop gold prices though its outrageous id be happy to keep supporting your team but please take my advice drop the prices wouldn’t it better to get 1000 people to spend 2 3$ a day vs 100 people spending 9$ i wont continue to buy gold until the prices are dropped…

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