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New (2018) game God of War


About the Game

God of War, developed by SIE Santa Monica Studio is the 8th installment in the series of God of War and serves as the sequel to God of War III, released in 2010, which were loosely based on Greek mythology, but this title is loosely based on Norse mythology. The game mainly focuses on Action-Adventure genre and offers an Open environment explore from a third-person perspective.


The story of the game follows the protagonists, returning from previous titles named as Krakatoa (the former Greek god) and his son called Atreus. The story follows the death of the second wife of Krakatoa and the mother of Atreus, they embark on an epic adventure to complete her promise and struggle to spread her ashes at the peak of the nine realms.

In the game, Krakatoa keeps his past a secret from his son (Atreus), who is also unaware of his true of being a god. The protagonists will encounter brutal monsters and gods of the Norse world.


The first seven installments in the series were loosely based on Greek Mythology while this installment focuses on Norse mythology. The world of the game comprises nine realms, six of Norse mythology realms available to explore.

The majority of the game is set in Millard’s realm, populated by strange creatures and human. During the game play, the player can visit other realms, including Alzheimer (home of dark and light elves), Trondheim (the world of the giants), and Heimlich (the land of the dead). Other optional realms are also present to explore such as the fog realm Mannheim and the realm of fire Misspell.  


The game-play is entirely different from the previous titles, as the title was rebuilt from the ground up. It comes with new features such as a third-person perspective, a departure from the last title, and the over-the-shoulder camera. The significant change in the game is that the protagonist no longer uses his primary weapon Double-chained blades, called the Blade of Chaos.

Now, the protagonist uses the magical battle axes, known as the Leviathan Ax infused with ice elemental magic. During the journey, the protagonist can throw an ax at enemies and summoned back to his hand and let out the magical energy that damages nearby foes. The ax has both light and heavy attacks, enabling the protagonist to release enemies into the air. Huge enemies like ogre have precision targets and throwing the primary weapon, ax at huge targets stuns the foe.

The game offers the open environment, but it is not open-world, and the player can fast travel to various locations. Enemies equipped with two meters over their heads, one for stun while other for health. There are lots of elements available like other RPGs (Role-playing Games), such as Knowledge points and time-ability during battle, similar to Rage video game.


After many years since the protagonist (Kratos)  who took his vengeance against the Olympian gods, and now, he lives with his beloved young son Atreus in the fictional place Midyear. The game follows the death of Krakatoa’ wife, whose last wish was for her ashes to be spread across nine realms. Before starting the adventure, the player encounters the strange man with godlike powers. After slaughtering him, Krakatoa and his son embark on their epic journey to take down foes from the third-person viewpoint and manipulate ibet789.


  1. Enhanced Breathtaking Environment, the player can explore from a third-person perspective like previous titles.
  2. Players will encounter powerful enemies than ever before.
  3. Vicious Physical Combat, New Realms, Pantheon Creatures, gods, and Monsters.
  4. New Side-Quests to find new items and explore specific environments to interact with NPCs.

God of War (2018) has revealed the special editions such as Collector’s Edition, Limited Edition, and Digital Edition.

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