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5 Technological Developments that Will Change the World


Some are against technology, some are welcoming all technological developments. However, it cannot be argued that technology is an inseparable part of our world and our life. There are things that are being introduced just now, but they already have shown their potential. These technologies are new for now, they aren’t used widely, but they can change the way we perceive the world and the way we live.

How would you live, for example, without electricity? And what about transportation? And how about custom essay writing services which are so needed by students? There are many things without which we cannot imagine our life, and most of them are technological developments of different periods of humankind history. They are used in completely different fields, such as:

  • agriculture
  • medicine
  • social networking
  • communication
  • environment.


Agriculture is the most vulnerable activity. Farmers depend on something that is out of their control: weather. Moreover, pests are just waiting to damage the crop. That is why using something that will help farmers to keep an eye on their crops would be helpful. Moreover, the new tool should be not expensive. Here, agricultural drones came to help.

Agricultural Drones

Have you ever heard of them? How common are they in the farms? Not too common, and of course, there are not so many people who have ever heard about such thing. Though, they can be the next level of farming.

Helicopters are too expensive as many farmers claim, and a drone can perform many functions of a helicopter but is affordable and cheaper to maintain. Farmers don’t need too much space to store them, and this is one more advantage of drones. Moreover, drones can inspect crops as often as a farmer needs even every hour if needed.


Technology has already proven itself in medicine. Without technology, even curing a tooth is impossible. Many lives were saved and will be saved thanks to those technological advancements that have been made in the field of medicine. More of them are coming, as scientists are discovering and inventing new things that are amazing and scary at the same time.

Brain Mapping Becomes More Detailed

A new brain mapping technology is able to show the brain in more details than it has been ever possible. Do you know what it means? This is a wonderful source of information for neuroscience, and for neurosurgeons as well. It means, in turn, a wonderful opportunity, a real opportunity to save and improve lives of thousands of people.

For now, the brain mapping technology allows observing different brain parts, more than 200 of them. Scientists and surgeons as well hope that soon a technology that will show cellular resolution will be available. Well, there is such technology, but the human brain is too big for it to be applied. However, the step is made, and the rest is just the matter of time.

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Genome Editing

Something from science fiction field, genome editing, may become the truth in some time. CRISPR, a new technology that allows making modifications in genes, exists, and even some experiments were made. However, only one of them was successful – in China, two macaques were born after the modification of their genome.

Even though this is just the very first successful effort, and who knows if the animals don’t die soon after the birth. Scientists are already full of hope and expectations. They are making plans for the treatment of severe inherited disorders which cannot be treated by modern medicine.


Communication, in all senses, is an inseparable part of human life. With the invention of a mobile phone, communication passed to a different level. Distances became unimportant, people became closer. But what if phones are applied to work? What if phones are applied instead of laps and PCs? This is already the reality in many cases.

Mobile Collaboration

Mobile phones can be useful. Are you surprised? Well, they can be used not only for talking, chatting, surfing the Internet. Have you ever heard of mobile collaboration? We are used to laps when it comes to working. But have you ever thought that mobile phones, smartphones are more convenient and practical? You don’t carry your lap everywhere but a phone is with you all the time.

But till now, there was no proper software that you could apply to work. Only recently new collaborative software has been developed, and it is becoming increasingly popular. Moreover, more and more cloud-based services are being adapted for application from a mobile.

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.Renewable Energy

The environment is the main concern of people who are thinking of applying solar and wind energy for their needs. The unpredictability of sources is the main concern of corporations who introduce the new technologies into the market. Now, new systems are invented. They can make accurate forecasts and eliminate some complications in the use of wind and solar energy.

Wind and Solar Power

Ok, you may tell that this is an old topic. Solar energy is rather common than unusual now. But how often it is used? How many solar installations have you seen? There are some complications that companies are facing when they want to deal with solar and wind energy. Wind doesn’t blow constantly, hence, an accurate forecast is needed if one wants to use wind energy efficiently.

The same is valid for solar energy. Such technologies that make accurate weather forecasts are developed and being tested now. It means that in the nearest future, the humankind will, most likely, rely on environmentally friendly wind and solar energy rather than on traditional energy sources.


Even these 5 examples can give an idea of the importance of new technological advancements in our life. These 5 things can change the way we see the life and the way we live. Can they be called disruptive technologies? Time will show. Though, some of them will definitely get this status. For now, the science is moving forward.

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