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Must-have Apps Salespersons Need for Productivity


This post explores the most important mobile apps every sales professional needs to boost their productivity. Read on to discover how they can enhance your sales career.

Must-Have Apps Every Salesperson Needs to Boost Their Productivity

Are you a “foot and mouth diseased” professional seeking to enrich your career and make it more productive? I know you are wondering what I mean by “foot and mouth disease” professional, but I will explain that in a moment. The “foot and mouth disease” refers to the salesperson’s need to walk and talk as they sell.

I caught this phrase from one of my mentors when I was doing active network marketing. But back then, we didn’t have the privilege of technology as we do today. Then, we had no mobile apps we could use to advance our selling career.

However, a modern salesperson has no excuse for failure or mediocrity. With myriads of apps, many of them free, you can sharpen your selling profession to the next level. In the remaining sections of our post, our business consultants will share out some of the leading apps that will boost your selling career. So, before talking to any our writers about writing customer paper, remain with this insightful discourse to discover more.


A modern selling professional has no excuse for lacking information about their market, buyers, and competitors. With this app, you can stay informed about all this in a manner that is easy to digest. With this app on your phone, you can get new alerts from numerous RSS feeds in one place using an easy-to-use interface. Moreover, you get all this without all distractive junk that could waste your time.


How does LinkedIn mobile come into the picture of advancing your selling career? Every serious salesperson needs to get some background information about their prospects. With LinkedIn, you can get access to more than 400 million profiles, some of which belong to the people you are prospecting.

Profit Story

Every sales rep needs to operate with profit at their fingertips. Otherwise, how would you remain in business without profits? If you are an iOS user, and are willing to part with $1.99, you can get this app to help you know the profit margins of your business proposals.  With this tool, you will never again grope in the dark while guessing your expected returns on your investment.

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HubSpot Sales

Do you use email as your favorite communication tool with your customers or prospects? If you do, how sure can you be that they have opened your mails? With this tool, you no longer need to worry about this. This app notifies you when your prospects or buyers open your mails, making it easy to know when you could probably expect a reply. It is available for free and paid subscription. Moreover, it works on Android, iOS, and Chrome.

Cam Card

For any serious sales professional, your contacts are the most important assets in business. The reason is that after all the planning and strategist, business comes from people, and hence, you should remain in touch with them. However, it is difficult to contact your customers and prospects if you don’t have their contacts. With this tool, you no longer need to worry about losing business cards or carrying a bunch of them. This tool digitizes business cards with a simple photo that saves it automatically onto your smartphone’s contact list. Moreover, the app works on iOS and Android devices. You can get it for $5 for teams and $12 for business use—per month.

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For Android and iOS users, there is no need to worry about sending or receiving large files when you don’t have your laptop with you. You can use this app to access all those huge files on your mobile phone. The app comes in freemium and premium versions.


Do you value taking notes when dealing with your customers or prospects? Do you attend business sales meetings and don’t want to carry books? If you do, then Evernote is the too solution to all this. You can use it in its premium and premium versions. Moreover, you can sync your notes across mobile and desktop devices and access them from anywhere. It also works on Android and iOS devices.

Whats App Messenger

Well, you may wonder how Whats App comes into this equation as a business tool. But the truth is that it is one of the best instant messaging apps you can use. Moreover, its latest version allows for video and voice calls at no extra cost. If you have prospects in countries where Google or Facebook are banned, then this app comes handy.

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Google Maps

Are you poor at cramming geographical locations? Have you ever wasted time reaching a customer or prospect because you got lost along the way? If you answered “Yes,” then you have no reason to maintain the status quo when Google Maps is here. With this app, you can get accurate maps to your desired destinations without wasting time.


For Android, Microsoft, and iOS users, this free app comes in handy. You can use it to rent a car to your prospects’ or customers’ office conveniently. Moreover, you will no longer need to fumble with cash since it allows you to sync it with your credit card so that it charges you automatically upon your arrival. Also, it summons the drive to your exact location. This way, you can be sure of efficient movement when going out for business or training.


With this app, you no longer need to worry about your calendars. The program syncs with all your calendars, allowing your prospects to choose the best time they can meet you. Also, it offers different types of meetings. Instead of sending long emails negotiating meeting times, you only sent links. Your prospect or customer then schedules an appointment and the app sends you both reminders.

With all these apps at your disposal, you have no reason to continue in mediocrity. We hope the ones we have shared in this post will help you to raise your performance level and become more productive.

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