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Hogwarts Mystery : New Harry Potter series Game


You have gone to the Hitchwarts School Magician and Wizardry! Harry Potter received his Hogwarts letter for years, without leaving all this new RPG setup in the Magician scene, leave the enterprise without anyone else.

The Hogwarts Castle has not seen any other time in the room and find the ancient wheels. Professor Domblebell, take Snapper in effective magic and information, and this is just the beginning. Create colomens with your colleagues, dust and new colleagues to help you in your institutions. As a big aspect of the name of WBIE’s portrayal game, this diverse versatile entertaining keeps you on the main point of a new story in a magician’s scenario.

How are you witch or sorcerer when you are trying to fight on the occasion? Choose a Brave Greater Solender! All things have been considered, this is your story story.

Recreational Features:

  • The sorcerer’s mantra, onions and more
  • Participate in scoring and preparing mixtures like learning classes and blowing mystical skills.
  • Unlock new characters, spells, mixtures and areas as you progress during this time of hosts.
  • Customize your sensual symbol.

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Mystery and adventure

Use your divine nature mistakes to research aspects of the Hogwarts.The fact behind the discovery behind Curse Wits and your brothers has disappeared in all new stories.


  • Bond with your family to win the House Cup.
  • Visit the journey to help companions and lucky men … or challenge rivals.
  • Create a connection and submit a connection with each other together.

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2) I enjoy playing this game. Its fun, has an interesting storyline, and the graphics are good as well. I like how your choices can influence my path in the game. The only problem I have with the game is with the energy. Sometimes you need a huge amount of energy to complete a task. Plus there is a…
3) I really like this game, the storyline is interesting, the graphics are good and I like how my decisions influence the path of the game. My only issue is that some tasks take a huge amount of energy to complete and there is a time limit to complete the tasks. Not everyone can come back and play …
4) It’s definitely a good game worth your time. But some adjustments need to me made to the micro transactions. You need two dollars worth of gems to refill energy. In my opinion that’s a bit much since you can use all that energy in one scenario. Edit* This game is such a pay to play game. I would …
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