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Top 5 Games to Play this Summer


Summer is around the corner and the time of summer holidays is about to start. Wherever you travel this summer, you should prepare your mobile for that adventure. While going on a business trip requires apps that manage documents, expenses, and take notes, when you go on a holiday you can turn to fun apps or even better, games.

Every single person on this planet has played at least one game. Mobile games are very popular because mobile phone is the gadget you bring everywhere, and wherever you want to kill time you can use it to have fun. When you are on the way to your holiday destination, waiting at the airport, or at the hotel to check in, you can play games to chill out. Also, when you are on the beach, and if you are not so fond of reading, you can play games.

With that in mind, we compiled a list of five top mobile games you can play this summer. Some of them are for ios and other are for Android. Take a look and let us know in comments what’s your favourite game!

  1. Color switch game called Colour Ball is an arcade game for iOS devices, iPhone and iPad. It is free to play and it is very addictive. With this game you can learn how to focus better and your coordination skills may improve. It is all about tapping the ball through circles but watch out- you need to tap the ball through the circle of the same color.
  2. Homescapes is a totally different game from the first one. It is available on Android, Amazon and iOS and it falls into category of casual games. It is perfect for people who liked to play Sims. You have different tasks every day and the goal is to renovate the house. In order to earn stars and renovate different  parts of the house, you need to play different small games, that look like Candy Crush.
  3. Jungle Monkey Run is a platform adventure game that is available on Android. It is a running game and consider that jungle is very dangerous, this monkey has to overcome all the obstacles. Run through the jungle and collect bananas. This is a perfect game for those who like racing games.
  4. 1010! is a puzzle game to practise your brain while you are on vacation. It is similar to Tetris game, have your heard of it? You need to fill the grid with shapes, no matter what color are they. To create more space on the screen, you need to place shapes in a line and they will disappear
  5. WordBubbles is a word game on iOS, that is free to play. It has more than 400 levels which challenge you to sharpen your vocabulary skills. Even if you are not native English, you can practice your English skills and get back from holiday with fresh knowledge.

These we just five games from different categories and for different platforms. There are thousands of games on the market, if not more, and it can be hard to choose which one to play.

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