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Why Commander One is recommended for every Mac user


There is a serious problem that is common to Mac users; file manager failure for more advanced users. This problem leads to a state where their computer search resources are in “minus conditions”. To solve this classic Mac problem, users are encouraged to look for additional software and if you are one of them, Commander One is what we recommend most. This is the best software to overcome the lack of computer search resources, in this case is the Mac.

By using this FTP manager for MacOS on your work space, you will have a utility to manage multiple panel files more efficiently. This software gives you, settings on two Mac locations; local hard disk and Internet network. Some options are only available for PRO versions and that means you have to pay, but you will not regret it because you will have management capabilities in two folders (locations) in a very short time.

Its interface is really designed to make it easy for every user, no matter the background of their abilities. You will find icons that serve as hints on hidden files, information, compressed files, previews and more. Broadly speaking, by using this software you will not encounter a classic Mac problem related to the tracking of hidden content.

But … above all that, what really makes you need Commander One?

This is the best FTP client for Mac 10.10 and later. Its outstanding ability is to perfectly combine FTP client for Mac and Amazon S3 browser, while giving you a built-in Mac Terminal emulator, all of which makes it easy for you to go through any system management.

The interface with high flexibility is a major requirement for an FTP client to organize unlimited number of tab opening. Commander One gives you a flexible interface capable of supporting multiple files while providing the ability to run hotkey of your own choice under any circumstances. Favorite hotkeys allow you to perform operations on files with lightning speed.

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How does Commander One make it easy for you to manage any content on your Mac?

Commander One, as it’s called, gives you a “clear command line”. The Command Line bars provided by Commander One enables you to control your files in detail. Do not worry because the entire file structure will be in your hands thanks to the built-in Mac Terminal emulator. It lets you to move, copy, delete and anything you can do over your files on the fastest way!

Why two panels?

Two panels help us identify all files to manage them faster. In other words, they can help in accelerating almost all file operations. In calculation, it’s $475 cheaper than any other solutions, not to mention that the panels enlarge your disk space.

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Yeah…it connects to all!

The Commander One connects you to all remote servers through FTP, FTPS and SFTP. Its two panels are the secret. Instead of depending on only one panel, by two panels you can promote three advantages of speed, efficiency and neatness in managing your file operations.

It will be equipped by plugins support

In near future, you can make sure you have no worries about third-party developers. Its ability to work with other developers makes you able to work more flexibility. Not only supporting third-party developers, the Commander One can be adjusted to your personal needs or in other words your personal preferences. Don’t worry cause you’ll get endless color options.


It’s worth used. If you want to be a professional in using your Mac, a good FTP client is a must. So far, the Commander One got 4.5 rank in Mac App Store, proving its great ability.

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