As many as 10, 000 visas were separately kept aside for the alien investors in the new commercial organisations, every year. This is for them to create employment for at least 10 individuals. The targeted employment areas naturally are the rural ones, that is the ones experiencing unemployment rate of 150 % of the average rate countrywide. Around 3000 of perennially allotted visa go to the targeted employment domains.

Also 55 thousand visas are allotted per annum, randomly assigning individuals from the underrepresented nations, and bring them into the total immigrant pool. This is one such thing known as the green card lottery. australia-visitor-visa is very different from the refugee and asylum applications in which people who have a well recognized fear of persecution can seek asylum in other countries. This running away from persecution maybe commonly on account of religion, membership in a particular ethnic, cultural and social group, race, nationality or even varying political opinions. Such persons are largely eligible to draft applications under an asylum or refugee status in the United States.

A lot of people know that a permanent resident visa is often known as a green card. However the green card is also known as the I-551 form, formerly popular as the I-151.  Holding a green card means, you are acknowledged to stay, live as well as legally work inside any organization in the United States, as a permanent resident of them. Under this you get a proof of name and identity which will further let you to apply for your driving license,set up a bank account in a foreign country and also you can plea for a loan etc.

While holding a green card you can also go out of the United States and travel in other countries but this is only as long as you have your official residence in the US, before once your vacation is over you have to return to your hometown. You just cannot travel to some country and settle there while you already hold a green card of some other country. You need to get a Australia visitor visa to get into the country, simply for traveling purpose.

Again if you want to become a citizen of the United States you have to wait for a decent period of minimum of 5 years,  from the day you have received your green card. But in case if you are married to a citizen of the United States, and get your fiancé visa, you become an US citizen from the date of issue. Also you should be very careful about the duration of your stay outside the country because, if you travel more than 6 months, remain out of the country and do not return to your hometown within that period of time, the US government have the rights to delete your eligibility for the citizenship in future. In case you hold a green card it is of common notion that, it regularly needs to be renewed after every 10 years.