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Gaming Gear – Our Top Picks


There’s a difference between casual and passionate gaming. One is just a hobby that someone can enjoy for a while and give up any time, while the other can be consuming and sometimes even lucrative. It used to be that professional gamers have better equipment, while casual gamers use what they can get their hands on.

Nowadays, there’s quality gaming gear that can be used by everyone and even bought with a tight budget. Casual gamers won’t need as much equipment, but what they do have can be the best available.


A chair doesn’t really seem like gaming gear, but everyone who knows how long gaming sessions can be also knows how important a good ergonomic chair can be for your health. Sitting behind a desk the whole day can have consequences for your health and it’s best to choose a chair that’s designed for office work.

The chair should also be chosen based on how easily it can be adjusted. That way, it can be used by more than one gamer and it can be adapted according to your needs for the years to come. Chairs from Steelcase Gesture provide all of these options relatively inexpensively.

A keyboard

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a keyboard. First and foremost, it needs to be comfortable for gaming purposes, but it should also be designed in an attractive manner since it’s often the centerpiece of a gaming desk.

The Corsair Vengeance K70 keyboard also has additional features such as a media panel which allows the users to play or pause media in the background with one button. That’s a useful feature for those who stream their gaming content online.

A monitor

It isn’t always easy to determine what a gaming monitor is. The quality of monitors these days has improved greatly and the resolution is pretty much standard for both casual viewing monitors and those that are designed for gaming experiences.

However, a gaming monitor is quite different from a viewing one when it comes to the response rate, which is what makes videos smooth and crispy to watch. It’s also important for the monitor to be suited for the use on PC and consoles alike in order to cover all the gaming options.


The goal of good gaming gear is to help you get immersed in the game. This can partly be accomplished by designing a room in a way that avoids distractions, but it also depends on the sound system you choose. Headsets play a big role in this, especially in collaborative games where listening to your co-players can make all the difference.

Kingston HyperX Cloud is a good example of a gaming headset because it’s detachable and can be used for hours without becoming uncomfortable. The over-ear design is also a better choice because it creates a deeper experience.

A mouse

The mouse is one of the most important features of a good gaming setup. It needs to be fast enough to allow you to play competitive games and not fall behind other players. This is especially true for shooting games in which you need to be precise and react quickly.

Logitech G900 mice have these features, but they also have something more important. If you play a game for a while, a badly designed mouse can hurt your wrist. An ergonomic mouse can make these long gaming sessions much easier.

Cable management

In the end, cable management is one of those features that no one thinks about when creating a setup. However, it is an important feature. Professional gaming setups have a lot of items and most of them have their own cables. If you have a streaming setup as well, the number of cables multiplies.

This is where cable management comes into play and allows you to have a clean and tidy room while still using all the devices at once and not having to rely on having batteries on hand. It’s best to use cable management sleeves that put all the cables for a particular device in a straight line.

Good gaming gear can significantly improve your gaming experience. These items can be purchased in phases in order to stick to a budget.

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