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Everything You Need to Know about buying a Refurbished iPhone


Are you in the market for buying a refurbished iPhone? YES, read this post. Here, I’m sharing with you some essential tips that you must consider before purchasing a second-hand iPhone and make your purchase process simple and easy. We see people looking for the used iPhones that are cheap and hence, they end up purchasing a wrong smartphone as they don’t even know what to check in a second-hand iPhone while making the purchase.

There’s no need to worry. In this post, you will find each and everything you must know about the refurbished iPhone.

Here’s a checklist of the things you must take into account when buying a second-hand iPhone:

Check the Warranty

It is essential to check the warranty at the time of purchasing a used iPhone. You can easily check this with the access to internet and IMEI or a serial number of the device. This information is located behind the SIM tray. Also, you can find out the serial number by plugging the device in the iTunes and visiting to Device summary.

The other option is to check this by your device, like-

Go the Settings App < Tap General < About < Serial Number.

When you come to know about the serial number, visit the website of Apple to check the warranty. Enter your phone serial number in ‘Enter your Hardware Serial Number’ box and clicks continue.

Check the Battery Condition

The battery is an important consideration when buying a refurbished iPhone. It’s difficult to find out that whether a battery is well preserved or not in a short time span. You can still find out some information on that. If you have one day or a two for checking the condition of the battery, charge it to full and utilize it as you normally do to see for how long it lasts.

Here’s a way for checking the condition of the battery in a shorter span of time –

Go the Settings App < Tap General < Usage.

You will see how much time has passed since the last full charge.

Check the Date of Activation

When buying a refurbished iPhone, check the activation date. This is will you know whether to buy a model or not. The activation date of the used iPhone is similar to the warranty. Make a call to the Apple and ask them about the activation of the iPhone which you are looking to buy. Also, you can check the IMEI number or a serial number of the device in the same manner as described above.

Check the Network Carrier

If you want to remain away from any headaches, buy an iPhone that works well on the network which are using at present. You can change the carrier or unlock a device. However, if you want that everything must go smoothly, you can check the network carrier of the device. This can be done by –

Go the link and enter your IMEI Number in the box. You will see the similar information:

Click ‘Check network & simlock.’ This will display different information, like part description, warranty period, SIM lock status, Carrier Info, IMEI, and Product description on your device involving the carrier your device is locked to.

Check the Exterior for the For Detecting Any Flaws

You must focus on the glass cracks, visible gaps, or loose joints at the time of purchase. These things can become a major concern when throwing away your iPhone. Assure that the iPhone is solid, the rear and front glass must be completely against the steel antenna band. The issue with the gaps is that they appear to be as pivot points and minimize the structural reliability of the glass. Therefore, the device might be sensible to the drops. Also, they might allow the dust within the smartphone. For examining the exterior of the iPhone, you can hold it sideways. You must apply strong light from the background. In case you figure out something like this, move to the next position.

Check the Camera

Check the shutter of both the rear and front camera. It must open and close each time you capture an image. After that, target the camera at a versatile scene and click to focus for checking this feature. The camera must adjust the brightness and focus based on where you click. Once you captured a photo, inspect it for discoloration, pixelation, glaring, banding, etc. If there are any concerns, they must be obvious. Remember to test the video camera too. Check for shuttering, playback of sound. Also, test the LED flash wires by clicking the upper left corner of the screen until the flash settings read on.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing a refurbished iPhone isn’t a bad idea. However, these are the main things which you must check when purchasing a second-hand iPhone. Make a smart choice and remain cautious of the sellers with no descriptions, no IMEI numbers, and few images. Consider the above tips and take your time, you’ll always make a great deal.

Guys, I hope that the above things mentioned will help you to make a good decision. If you know some other tips that are important for buying a refurbished iPhone you can share with us.

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