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Important Preparation Method for GRE


Every student wishing to study at a foreign university will know the importance of GRE. It is the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) that serves as the benchmark for admission to a foreign university. If you get admission abroad, you can do your graduate studies abroad. The way to get admission is to get enough preparation.

Do the Practice Test


The way to prepare is to begin by taking a GRE Practice Test. This will tell you many important things. One is you learn what the question pattern will be and how tough the questions are. Next, you learn how to divide your time between the different sections. And last, you learn which parts of your syllabus you are thorough with and which parts you are not. If you are from Begumpet, then join the coaching centre for GRE training Begumpet Hyderabad, today itself.

Most of the students prepare for two to three months. They study for 2 – 3 hours a day meaning they put in at least 120 hours of study. For those who need more preparation, they must put in more hours. Students can take the GRE test once in 21 days up to 5 times in a year. If you are not satisfied with the score of the test, you can cancel it on the spot. Once you know the areas where you do not know much, you can begin to study for these.

Do Not Change the Study Plan

Stick to the study plan, anything you can do more, do. Make a weekly plan like 4 days of study for 1 hour, one practice test, and two days study for 2 hours. You can shift the practice tests to the end of the study schedule. You will not know enough to take a serious practice test within the first three weeks. You can add the class sessions from the GRE coaching Begumpet Hyderabad and see if you meet the scheduled 80 hours per month target.

You need to do two Quantitative Reasoning sections, each lasting 35 minutes. You must answer 20 questions. You will get the Analytical Writing part first. But, the parts in the Quant and Verbal sections do not follow any strict order. So, you might get a Quant section and then a Verbal section or two Quant sections followed by one Verbal section. They give you access to the on-screen calculator and a scratch paper but it is not necessary for you to use them. Immediately after you finish your test, you get to see your score. This is unofficial and the scoring is 130-170 with one point increments. At present, the average score is 153.

Choose the Oldest and Best

The way to choose the coaching centre is simple. Google “Oldest institute teaching GRE in India,” or “Coaching centre that has the most number of students India getting 320+ in GRE in the past year.” Don’t take any chances, join the best institute. You might ask why it is necessary to join any coaching classes.

It is because you come to know about the preparation that most of the other students do. This will help you to set your target better than that and score more.

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