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Clash for Speed – Xtreme Combat Racing


Welcome to the Xtreme Fighters racing world!

Shoot a real interrupt racing champion with different mutants to air and bring down the auto. Clash for Speed Your Track, Your Rules!

It starts with the imagination of disturbances and charming fighters, such as the “High Speed Hage”. Despite being a memorable, war-wing dictator, they engage in the race of extremely fierce fighters to hold unusual crisis racing opportunities on many planets.

With the speed for the collision, motivate yourself to face the best 3d auto racing fun fun. Powerful automotive and nights are more strictly more difficult than power intensity, the competition between the curriculum curriculum will have more than one competition. The best part of the collision for speed is that you are not limited to just a couple of racing tracks. With its custom track manufacturer module, you may have roughly tracked tracks to make some flexible consumption and hit your rivals in style.

Investigate new levels

Collect every race and collect all the multi-access with a specific end to open and open new levels. Each level is a widespread problem.

Game Garage

Similarly, you can visit a variety of companies to open new auto, weapons and redresses to automatically make access to motors, turbo burgers, and auto attacks.

Track your own 3D

Indeed, a collision for speed, a vehicle combat racing assignment is an ingredient where players can make their 3D tracks. Similarly, they can put obstacles on the streets to prevent the opponents from winning the race. Not only merit, players can also set up networks for racing rivals. More complex tracks will affect you to win more trophy. The main ingredients of CFS is that you can track your own. This is the first time combat racing diverse where you can scare your own track track into a jiff! With great material science, you will get an ideal run with shooting and effects.

Edit your ride

Clash for Speed is a corporation where auto-mos and weapons can freshen up combats. In the corporate, auto can be modified in the same manner, where anyone can refresh motors, turbo burgers, eggs.

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Reduce your weapons

As players progress in the racing war varieties, there will also be a problem of trouble. In this way, to win the fighting race, someone needs weapons of great and high destruction. For this, picking up coins can refresh their weapons.


5 Extraordinary 3D – Recreational Conditions: Green Valley, Floaters, Rocky Roads, Mystical Lava and Skyfly Gravity.

  • 8 upgrade auto war: Combat, O’dare, Dustin, Ninja, Brutal, Skull Dragon, Honey Shaker and War.
  • 10 types of dangerous weapons with different levels.
  • 5 With amazing headlines on the road blocks and 8 off-road networks.
  • 20 upgrade tires and 10 unique auto stickers.
  • 15 pre-determined tracks with different attack rates for fast racing

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