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Android Monitoring App for Parents


Android mobile phones have fascinated the teens more than adults owing to its user-friendly specifications and affordability. While these smartphones allow them to communicate with their buddies and exchange photos and videos, the internet-connected mobile phones let them visit the dangerous online world. The more they remain online, the more they are likely to experience the online threats including bullying, sexting, pornography, scamming and child molestation.

The improved security features of the Android phones and tablets make it challenging for parents to monitor the mobile devices of their children. It keeps them from protecting their kids from the menaces of the smartphones and internet technology.

While the technological advancement has provided us with Android mobile phones to connect with the world, it has also provided with applications and software to monitor the use of these smartphones. Parents can keep track of their kids’ mobile phone use by installing Cell phone spy on their devices. You can monitor their messages, track their phone calls and retrieve their photos and videos without accessing their phones. Read on to know how Android surveillance app facilitates parents in remotely monitoring and managing the Android devices of their children.

How does Android Monitoring App Work?

The Android tracking software enables parents to supervise the online behavior and mobile phone activities of their children. Once you install the app on the Android mobile phone of your kid, you can monitor and control that cell phone through an online account which can be accessed from any other mobile or computer device. The spy app syncs the mobile phone data and uploads to the online account from where the end-user of the application can monitor and download that data.

What Can Android Monitoring App Do?

The cell phone surveillance app can do innumerable tasks on the monitored Android phone. From tracking messages and call logs to keystrokes and GPS location, the spy software enables parents to keep tabs on almost every mobile phone activity of their offspring.

Monitor SMS & MMS

The Android tracking app lets you read the text and multimedia messages received and sent by your child through the monitored phone. The app also lets you retrieve the deleted conversations. The tracked SMS logs provide you with name and phone number of the message senders and receivers.  

Monitor Instant Messages

The Android spyware tracks the popular instant messaging apps including WhatsApp, Line, IMO, Telegram, Kik and Viber. You can read all incoming and outgoing instant messages as well as the deleted conversations.

Monitor Social Media

Social messengers have grabbed the attention of teenagers making them stick to the social media sites for more than nine hours a day. The surveillance software enables parents to keep tabs on the social media activities of their kids including their chats, posts, statuses and more. The high-tech TheOneSpy social media monitoring app for Android lets you track popular social messengers including Facebook, Instagram, Tinder and Snapchat among others. You can track your kids’ incoming and outgoing individual and group messages, media files, posts, status updates, comments and capture every social media activity with on-demand screenshots.  

Track Web History

Parents can supervise the internet use of their children by tracking their cell phones. The spy app gets access to the internet browsing history of the targeted Android phone and updates you on the websites visited on the web browsers installed in the monitored Android phone. It lets you ensure if your kid is using the internet in an appropriate manner or not.

Track Media Files

The photos, videos, audios and other media files stored in the target Android phone can be monitored and downloaded through the online control panel of the spyware. You can see all the photos and videos stored on the phone memory anytime and from anywhere even after the deletion of these media files from the target device.

Monitor Surroundings

The snooping app for android lets you keep an eye on the surroundings of your children. You can remotely operate the cameras and microphone of the monitored Android device to see what is happening in the surroundings. The monitored device captures photos, makes videos, records voices and uploads them to the online account of spyware. Parents can log into the surveillance account to find out what their kids are doing or what is happening around them.

Track GPS Location

The spyware let you trace the locations of your children. It updates you on the current GPS location and location history of your kids to keep you aware of their whereabouts.

Track Emails & Keylogs

The Android surveillance app tracks all incoming and outgoing emails of your children to update you about their engagements and happenings. It also records the keystrokes of usernames, passwords and email addresses to enable parents to monitor the online accounts of their offspring TECHNOLOGY FOR RESEARCH.

That’s not all. The Android surveillance software offers numerous other features to enables parents to track almost every single mobile phone activity of their children without breaking the bank.


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