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Super Mario Run


Mario is another type of diverse variety that you can play with one hand.

You control Mario by tapping because he always walks ahead. You have time to beautify your free time, make bouncing medals and distribute bonus bonuses to collect coins and get the goal!

Super Mario Run can be downloaded for nothing and after buying a fun, you’ll have the ability to play every single mode with each others needs. You can already experiment with each of the four ways to buy: World Tour, Tire Rally, Remix 10, and Building Builder.

World Tour

Run with the gossip’s grip to protect the princess patch and bounce it out!

Traveling through fields, caves, atomic houses, planes, streets, and this is just the tip of iceberg.

Clean 24 energy courses in their manuscripts to save the end of princess from Browser. There are numerous perspectives to appreciate the courses, for example, collect 3 different types of hued coins or passes to the highest score against your peers. You can not do anything 1-1 to 1-4 courses.

After protecting the princess patch, a new course will show unique World, World Star.

Remix 10

One of the most limited super Mario run courses you will ever play!

This mode in chomp-measures is the Super Mario Run! Every time you change curriculum changes, you will have to play through 10 short courses in a sustainable development. Deliverance Remix 10 has lost some place, so try to clear the largest number of courses to discover you!

Lid rally

Hotshot runs Mario’s mode, go against your friends, and try people from all over the world.In this test mode, opposition always plays with you.Different players run for the loudest highest score when you collect coins and get satisfaction with a large number of beads. To get more coins, fill in the check with the mode to enter the Coin Rush mode. On this occasion you will have the opportunity to win the rally, challenging toads will remain in your kingdom, and your kingdom will grow.

Building Builder

Submit coins and toss as to build your special castle.Add specific structures and designs to make your specific castle. There are more than 100 things in the UK Builder mode. In this event when you gain more tastes in the tide rally, the amount of structure and design will be accessed. With broken pearls well, you can step up your kingdom step by step.

What can you do after buying all the worlds

All courses of the World Tour are playable Because of how do not you use it more difficult and accessible in all courses?

It’s easy to get a rally ticket

It is a demand for rally tickets to play remix 10 and toddler rally. Can you submit them to a UK Builder by bonus game houses? Squares, accumulated coins in the World Tour, and the sky is the limit from there.

More playable characters

In this event when you protect the princess patch, the course 6-4 ends and build the building of logos, yogi and toilet in the building builder mode, you can encourage them to play the game in your experiments. Play a role They play unique contrast to Mario, because their unique features can not be used in the World Tour and Tire Rally.

More courses in the Todd Rally

The 7 unique type of courses in the Tide Rally will increase, good times are growing. In addition to the new additions, Purple and Yellow Castles will be happy for you.

More buildings and improvements in the UK Builder

The type of structure will enable, so you will have the ability to make your kingdom very valuable. Similarly, you can keep the Rainbow Bridge in order to increase your kingdom.

Remix 10 Play Without Waiting

You can play 10 continuous remote without waiting between each variable.

Internet network needs to be played. Information charges may apply.


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