An-interesting trend in the sphere of Islamic wall art is the use of canvas for vivid calligraphy. Nowadays, one can see many options of Islamic art canvas prints. Other than being available off the racks at art stores, modern Islamic art canvas is a common keyword people use online while shopping for Islamic home decor. It is ‘modern’ due to the application of computerized colouring and resizing as well as printing on canvas.

In traditional or classical Islamic wall art, Arabic calligraphy is stitched with golden thread ona black piece of fabric which is mostly silk or velvet. The golden-black coordination is inspired by the colours of the cloth that covers the Ka’aba at the Grand Mosque in Makkah. Other kinds of traditional Islamic wall art comprise colourful wall carpets, generally crafted in Turkey or Kashmir or Iran. These decorative carpets have floral motifs and elaborate borders on all four sides even as Islamic calligraphy is neatly stitched in the central portion.

In the new age, people are experimenting with newmaterials and techniques in Islamic wall art. Two trends stand out. One is Islamic wall stickers or decals. These are big, low-priced vinyl stickers that can be pasted on the surface of the wall. There is no framing requirement not does one has to drive a nail into the wall. They have a majestic and grand look, and the focus is on the calligraphy, with no colours or backgrounds or other visual diversions.

The other important trend is modernIslamic artcanvas. Distinguishable from the text-only focus of Islamic wall stickers, Islamic artcanvas prints usecolours and the artistic texture of the canvas to draw attention to the artwork as well as the text inscribed on it.

Colours are a big part of wall decorations

They make our interiors lively and are said to lift our moods and energies. The oft-repeated phrase ‘add colour to your life’ means that one should enjoy their life and live it to the full. Many people paint the walls of their homes with a colour other than plain white. Usually, one wall of a room is painted in a hue other than white. The hue is mostly dark or bright to create contrast with the white all around.

Some Islamic art stores are using colours on Arabic calligraphy. As a matter of fact, modernIslamic art canvas is getting increasingly popular as a home décor category. It’s not uncommon now to find several people searching for Islamic artcanvas prints. The artworks are created in a wide range of colours –green, blue, red, purple, pink, yellow, magenta, brown, etc.

Some art prints have one hue, while others have many. The calligraphy is mostly of a shade other than the one in which the background is. Application of colours notwithstanding, Islamic calligraphy still remains the spotlight of Islamic artcanvas prints. That’s because it isreally the calligraphy that people are interested in. Colours are only an attention-drawing tool. In Islamic art, the message is the most important after all.