There has been a massive use of data by organizations lately. And the reason behind that is the growth in the data science industry.

It is an undeniable fact that the data science industry is expanding extensively. This has helped organizations in adopting a more data-driven approach towards their business. This way they can conveniently comprehend how their business operates and maximize their production and outcome.

Professionals with expertise in data science are the ones cleaning, organizing and analyzing huge sets of data to take insights from them. And this is how organizations are able to make smarter and more rewarding decisions.

However, how an organization utilizes its data can differ from other firms, so basically, there are diverse categories to a career in the field of data science.

Benefits of having a career in data science

In an article by Harvard Business Review, it was mentioned that a data science job is like the sexiest job that you can get in the 21st century. So, you can imagine how many individuals, especially from a technical background, would want to enter this field.

If you check out some of the most famous job portals, you will realize how high the demand for data science professionals is these days. Although, the supply of data science specialists does not meet its present demand. So, this is like the perfect time to start preparing for building a successful career in data science. Moreover, due to the lack of data science experts in the market, you can expect to fetch a good salary.

An Advice for People Wanting to Learn Data Science

Thomas Wienie is a well-known data scientist who is always encouraging young people to join this lucrative field. According to him, the next generation of professionals in data science should focus on getting well versed with the basics. This will make it easy for them to understand the more advanced and complex concepts of data science.

After all, the advanced notions are just an extension of the chief principles.

Now let’s talk about who does what in the data science industry.

The critical roles in Data Science

We went through a couple of latest job postings related to data science in order to get an understanding of the different kinds of roles in this industry. Here is what we found out:

1-Data scientist

Considered as the coolest sounding job of our times, a data scientist job deals with cleaning, organizing as well as analyzing data. To become a successful data scientist, a person is supposed to have a curious mind that can solve data-related problems with ease.

The skills that you are required to attain for becoming a data scientist are:

  • Distributed computing
  • Predictive modeling
  • Story-telling along with visualization
  • Statistics, machine learning, and math

And when it comes to languages that you should be familiar with to effectively fulfill the role of a data scientist are Python, SAS, R, Mat lab, SQL, Spark and so on. There are various data science professional certifications in the market that can help you with all these requirements.

2-Data Analyst

If you have an intuitive brain and are inclined towards collecting, processing and performing statistical data analysis, the role of a data analyst would perfectly suit your needs.

In case you wish to be employed by a big organization, it is advisable for you to sharpen your skills relating spreadsheet tools, database systems, communication & visualization. And to learn all of that, there is no better way than pursuing a data science and big data analytics course.

3-Data Architect

This role is related to centralizing, protecting and maintaining data sources by creating blueprints for effective data management systems. Data warehousing solutions, relevant knowledge relating to database architecture, data modeling, and systems development are few of the areas you have to be an expert in to carry out a role this critical.