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Beijing Beck-ans Technology Co. which is aimed at combining the location of application with one of its various applications, Tickey Talks, is being closed around its business.

After the development of over 100 million clients in the last app in November 2017, often in the west. As it may be, Tiki Talk has a large network of 500 million monthly dynamic customers in Asia.

Stephen Hornrich told the Reuters that “Music and Tickey Talk currently works in many extraordinary patrones and its two steps are growing rapidly.

Supporting one stage will help us to control our land

In a public statement of this project, Pro Hakim ale Zuo, head of the music – now the TTP Talk’s SVP said, “The composition of both the musicians and the combined mission of the Tikak Talk both goals have been attributed to a particular fit. Be a conspiracy. ”

Customer records as current music will be transferred to another trend of Talk Talk application. It will admit that the number of customers in the previous application – many of which are children – stay with it. The music according to this music was a real blue play area.

Tickey Tok is a global video network. We make it easy for you to see amazing short recordings, and you can make your recording catching them smart and attractive minutes in the same way. Your recording has a taste with our jewelry channels, fun stickers, so much more. Life is growing rapidly, so make it mostly.

Look for a large number of recording specially selected for you

Especially cooked for you, which is cooked specifically for you. Tick ​​Token will present the most important, interesting, fun, siege, head recording to adjust your taste that you will never have to leave to watch!

Get busy and ride by the global network of manufacturers

A large number of manufacturers display their tender gifts, precious minutes, and information on the tick box.

Add sounds for nothing to your loved ones or music you love

Easily replace your recording with free music clips and sounds! We highlight music playlists for you that with all the oldest tracks you have pop, shake, rap, electronic, R & B, country, and this is just the tip of iceberg.

Use atomic stickers and face channels

100+ ammunition stickers are not accessible to take your recording at the following levels. Open many dance mood face channels and great effects in your recording.

  • Editing tools enable you to easily trim, cut, strengthen and copy copy of video kit.
  • Livelihood channels are continuously updated with crisp, innovative projects.
  • Ready to spend dancing, comedy, Vlog, games, DIY, and animal recording. was a Chinese video social network app for video creation and live broadcasting. The first prototype was released in April 2014, and the official version was launched in August of that year Wikipedia.
Original author(s): Alex Zhu, Luyu Yang
Initial release date: August 2014
Available in: 29 languages
Operating system: iOS, Android
Developer(s):, Inc
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