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Applications of Visa for Indians


In all the categories of visa, the tourist visa is considered as the easiest to get. There are also several reasons behind this statement as the prime reason for one to move to the guest country is to know about it and visit the tourist spots. Another important reason is it can help the guest country economy also as it can pull lots of foreign fund to the country which can help the economy to get stronger.

Traveling to different countries may be a fascinating experience. The travelers from India are exploring new places so that they can visit abroad for meeting their near and dear ones as well as for business purpose. Canada is the most visited place by the Indians, as there are many exploring adventures places to visit there.

For visiting and enjoying at Canada, the travelers should have a Canadian tourist visa for Indians and many verified documents so that the travelers don’t face any major problems while visiting there. Tourist visa for Canada is the temporary immigration option f Canada which allows the travelers to explore Canada regarding tourism and leisure purpose.

The tourist visa of Canada is also known as visitor visa of Canada or (TVR) Canadian Temporary Resident Visa. For a maximum period of 6 months the tourist visa application Canada is applicable, and after that, it will expire.

Tourist visa for Canada are of two types

  1. (MEV)Multiple Entry Visa.
  2. (SEV)Single Entry Visa.

The visas which are listed above are valid for a fixed period, and once it gets expired, it can’t be used anymore.

Criteria which should be fulfilled for Tourist Visa for Canada

  • Make sure the travelers get a valid passport first.
  • The visit to the country should be for a limited period so that the tourists can return their respective country safely after visiting Canada.
  • While the visitors are for traveling purpose, the tourists cannot apply for any employment as it will bias the law of the country.
  • The tourist should not have any criminal record in their respective country. Those who have a criminal record they can’t apply for tourist visa application in Canada.
  • The travelers might go through a medical examination to check their health. Good health will lead the travelers to visit Canada happily so that they can enjoy the fullest.

Documents which require visiting Canada as a tourist

  • Consent form VAC.
  • The main important document is the Visitor Form which includes the information of (names, date of birth, given number of the passport, etc.) so that it’s easy to get the Canadan tourist visa for Indians.
  • Information about family Form.
  • Specifications of the photograph.
  • And some additional documents.

The travelers should fill up the form very carefully with providing very accurate details. When applying for the visa, the tourists should bring all the necessary forms and the documents so that they can submit the form in time which will make them get the visa very early.

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