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New 2018 game Garena Free Fire


Free Fire Portable is a stable survival shooter diverse accessible. Every 10-minute diverse places you are on the remote island, where you are against 49 different players, look for all the remaining survivors. Choose players with their initial stage with their parachute freely, and want to stay in a safe zone for any lengthy time frame. Drivers drive cars to the vehicles by checking the coolest guide, covering the dams, or merging down the grass. Getting rid of sniper, murder, is just a single goal: to survive.

Live shooter in this unique form

Find the weapons, stay in the game zone, rob your opponents and stand the last man. On the way, go for airdrops keeping away from the plane to take this little edge against different players.

10 minutes, 50 players waiting for the epic survival

Within 10 minutes, another alive living child will be. Will you be

4 man squad, with sound of sound

Make 4 players squad and sync with your squad in the simple team. Conquer your friends and stand the last group.

Realistic and smooth graphics

Control and smooth design Easy to use You guarantees the best survival of discovering on portable.

What’s new

August 6, 2018 version 1.21.0

New content

  1. New car – Monster Truck! This carriage of evil carries just as a curpup.

  2. New thing – glue divider. In a division flash form as a small cover.

  3. New role – Paloma, trader of black market weapons.

  4. Players can now send troubles to their colleagues and guides.

  5. New Conflict Weapons – Bat.

  6. Every surviver is an extension profile page and can review the profile of different survivors.

  7. You will be able to send greed to different players while running now. You are identified to be counted on your profile page.

Reforms and fixes

  1. Auto pick for specific things has actually been done and can be turned off in settings.

  2. Monthly month and week increase has increased by month to month in the month of the month. In the meantime, after a weekend, players can be found monthly and weekly in both months.

  3. Changed Suggested Equipment If you live outside the maximum safezone, you have more harm.

  4. Fortunately, Railey has been cleaned to include a fortunate rest in which you have to build her own difficulties for a great prize. Similarly, his manager-in-law has interacted with his manager.

  5. Team change multiple HUD

  6. Add elite pass package for clients to elite pass and reach 50 identities.

  7. In Squid Mode, the player who threw it down fast without killing him, a companion killed the sad person and killed.


  • Private Limited in Dealer GARENA International
  • Estimate 869.8 MB
  • Rating game
  • Similarly

Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Perfect with contact with phone, iPad, and iPod.


English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese


Age rating You must be at least 17 years of age to download this application.

Dislike / lightly realistic violence

Visit / Severe Punch or Fantasy Violence

Visits / Intense Adult / Exercise Topics

Copyright © Gerena International

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