Nowadays most of the people want to lose their weight because of some medical issues. Gastric bypass surgery cost in India is affordable and economical so people opt India for their treatment. In this surgical procedure, the stomach is partitioned into small pouches and small intestine is connected to them. Surgeons find the different techniques to reconnect the intestine and lead to various bypass surgical procedures. It decreases the functional volume of the stomach. It depends on your changes in your lifestyle. Let us take a look at some benefits and the requirements for conducting bypass surgery.

Benefits Of Gastric Bypass Surgery

As result on eating less, patients feel full sooner and loses about 67 percent or one-third of their excess weight in three months. By following the surgeon’s advice, eating healthy food and regularly doing exercises then you can lose even more weight. It improves the health of patients by treating hypertension, type 2 diabetes, morbid obesity and other related problems. Patients who strictly follow their surgeons advise they recover fast and more improvement shown in them.

Requirements For Surgery

Many insurance companies and doctors or surgeons follow the guidelines of the National Institute Of Health for the requirements for treatment that includes;

– Body Mass Index (BMI) should be 40 or more for super and morbidly obese patients.

– BMI should be in between 35 and 39.9 for severely obese patients.

– BMI should be 35 for the teenagers who go through the puberty.

Evaluation For Surgery

After meeting the above guidelines, the patients also need some other medical guidelines to qualify the bypass surgery. The screening process will be conducted to see that patient qualify for the procedure. The medical health team that involves doctors, surgeons, and physiologist evaluates the patient. There is a certain risk of a medical condition thus, evaluation is conducted to determine that the patient physiologically fit so that the procedure doesn’t harm his mental condition. According to recent studies, people who attempted the suicide had done weight loss surgery. People who had a past suicide history, surgery is not right for them. So, that the health team monitors the patients. The healthcare teams consider the following things in the person before the surgery.

– They examine your weight and nutritional history which includes diet attempts, exercise regimen, weight trends, stress level, time constraints, and other factors.

– The medical condition evaluates by the doctors because some medical issues create the problems during the operation and sometimes operations increase the risk like blood clots, kidney stone, heart and liver problems, and nutrition deficiency. They evaluate the smoke and alcohol consumption. And also you are evaluated for sleep apnea.

– There is no age limit for bypass surgery but teenagers or elder ones have a higher risk of complications while it is safe for adults having age 60 or more. For operation, teenagers should have BMI 35 or more.

– The people should have good and normal psychological status. A different mental condition such as anxiety and depression doesn’t prevent from surgery but postpone the operation.

– Health team also assesses your willingness and motivation and changes in diet and exercises for the surgery.