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How VR is changing the shape of corporate events

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Corporate events are the best way to introduce new businesses to a targeted audience. These gatherings provide a way for small entrepreneurs to explore the market and devise strategies to conquer the jaw biting competition. However, to succeed in business events arena, technology is the pioneer ingredient that could skyrocket visitor engagement.

Not only does technology improve the events arena but nowadays it has started to shape the trends as well. The latest advent from the technological space is Virtual Reality, which is fast becoming the must have for every in-door or out-door event or exhibition. Here we are sharing how VR is changing the shape of business events.

Distance doesn’t matter anymore:

Though information sharing and social networking systems have been bridging the gap between humans greatly, but virtual reality has just made it very simple to travel thousands of kilometers despite being in your comfort zone. Yes!!! We are talking about hologram. VR headset can project you in the same meeting room despite being miles away from the venue. Is it all, not at all, VR can be used in a variety of ways in different types of events.

Leveraging this expensive gadget for small organizations however can become a little costly. But, with the help of short term VR hire organizations, new and small businesses can easily leverage virtual reality in next business event.

Completely immersive product demonstrations with the help of VR:

Ever been to product launch event before? The essence of any successful launch event is how much you engage with your customers and how. Virtual reality is proving it the best tool event organizers can leverage to showcase new and upcoming products or services. Consider yourself, diving into a new building architecture, or visiting the house before event its build. Similarly you can provide application tutorials, gamify and entice customers with 3600 virtual tours for any products or service. Organizations can leverage virtual reality hire services at the cheapest cost for short product demonstration events.

Immersive surveys:

A survey during the trade show is the best way to collect important information from the visitors. Virtual reality provides a great way to conduct immersive surveys during any kind of professional or business event. These surveys can not only provide you important details about the visitors but also can provide identifiable information that can be used afterwards to convert them into customers.


Gamification is another great way through technology to maximize customer engagement in your booth. This could help in associating brand by uniquely promoting it in the game as well as make people excited about visiting your booth. Moreover, can enjoyable moment spent in your booth would last for a very longer time in their memory. So, the brand mentions would shoot up.

Also, people who get excited by this will love to share it with friends and family, increasing your reach to potential customers. There are a number of ways booth organizers can gamify booth, include virtual prize wheels, social media contests and other interesting features that might entice your visitors.

Have you been trying to boost audience engagement during business events? Let us know in the comments which technologies in your opinion could skyrocket attendee engagement.

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