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The portrayal of Temple Run 2


Continue moving! The Temple Guardian is directly behind you and he will never stop until the point that you inhale your final gasp.

Sanctuary Run 2 will keep convey shock to it’s fans as the first. Player can be played as four unmistakable looking characters: Guy Dangerous, Scarlett fox, Karma Lee and Barry Bones. In the Temple Run 2, you should attempt again to escape from the sanctuary, while as yet being pursued be the Temple Guardian—an Evil Demon Monkey. While despite everything you’ll be running, hopping, sliding and turning, you’ll additionally need to explore precipices, zip lines, mines and woods.

The gameplay in Temple Run 2 are the same as the first. Swipe your finger upward on the screen to jump over pits and obstructions; Swipe your finger descending to dodge and slide under overhanging roofs and traps; Swipe your finger left or ideal on the screen to influence a sharp turn; To tilt your gadget to control along the way, barely staying away from threats and gathering treats simultaneously.

The diversion has catalysts and unlockable substance that can be purchased with coins earned in the amusement, or you can buy money with exchanges. Sanctuary Run 2 does not by any stretch of the imagination compel buys, yet taking the path of least resistance by purchasing a pack of coins is enticing.

In the event that you’ve played the first Temple Run, the spin-off should look both natural and new to all of you in the meantime. The illustrations have been changed to convey an unquestionably outwardly satisfying background, while the running activity is similarly as frantic and responsive as ever previously!


Beautiful new designs

Gorgeous new natural conditions

New snags

More powerups

More accomplishments

Special forces for each character

Bigger monkey!!!

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