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5 Types of Casual Games For Both Amateur and Professional Gamers


Are you a professional gamer or just an amateur gamer? In any case, you will probably appreciate several types of casual but engaging online games. Many of these games can be played on mobile devices and require minimal processing speed.

Casual players and professional players


As early as 40 years ago when arcade computer games were first introduced, gamers were already divided into two main categories.

Just for fun

The first type of gamer is the casual or amateur gamer who simply wants to have fun while playing. Casual gamers may or may not be obsessed about a particular game or games but they are not very skilful. These gamers may only be interested in simple non-strategy games like online shooting games.

Many casual players play for the purpose of relieving stress and as means to spend their idle time. For instance, people who are in a long commute may play casual games on their mobile phones while waiting for their stop.

For monetary rewards and recognition

The second type of gamer is the professional gamer who competes for monetary rewards and official titles. Professional gamers are highly skilled in playing complex and challenging games. They are the modern-day eSports athletes who compete internationally for cash prizes ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions.

An example of a successful professional eSports athlete in the United Kingdom is Martin “Rekkles” Larsson who earned a total of US$50,204.37 (about £38,933.74) before his 18th birthday. He earned this from the 27 tournaments that he joined.

Meanwhile, the top game earner worldwide is Kuro Takhasomi from Germany who earned US$3,740,477.75 mostly from playing Dota2.

Popular casual games

Many professional gamers started out as players of casual games when they were very young. Although you do not necessarily have to dream of becoming a professional gamer, you may want to hone your gaming skills with these casual games.

1. Shooting games

This type of game is perhaps the simplest type in terms of rules and can easily be played on mobile devices. You do not need very fast processors or a fast internet connection. The main objective of this type of game is to shoot a target.

Casual versions of this include categories such as animal hunting games, war games, special force or law enforcement games, and sniper games. The themes, settings and background stories may vary but the bottom line is the same.

One specific example of a popular shooting game for android is Critical Ops. It is free to download from Google Play. It features good graphics, a variety of weapons and online multiplayer option.

2. Racing games

With a simple objective of winning the race, this category of games commonly has car racing themes but also includes running man (e.g. Temple Run), bike and airplane themes.

The racing vehicles can be customised and the race tracks vary in difficulty in terms of obstacles depending on the level. One of the most popular free racing games is Asphalt 8: Airborne. It features street racing that includes 190 cars and bikes, and 40 tracks.

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