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Dance Your Way Into Her Heart


While a vast majority of dating and love advice centers around what women can do to understand and get some guy to notice her, the truth is, there are as many men out here trying to get noticed too. Sure men still have to do the hard work of actually approaching and not repelling a woman, but getting her to realize that you’re alive is a feat in and of itself.

That’s where the dance comes in

It’s story time; have a seat. Many many moons ago I was in a summer program at the University of Maryland that was amazingly full of some very very attractive women. Well one particular woman stood out from the rest, poison as she could be. Well, we became friends because I knew she was out of my league and she wasn’t interested in me. One night, being the social cat that I was, I took everybody to a club in downtown DC. Now, the club is my scene because I’m a dancer. I have fun. I ball so hard mother lovers want to fine me.

Anyway, we all go to the club and I go straight to the dance floor and, well, dance. Hard. All night. I dance with lots of women because I always look like I’m having fun and if there’s one thing I noticed its that women gravitate to the guys in the club who look like they’re having fun.

The end of the night comes and my super hot friend 

who’s out of my league – comes up to me and informs me that she and the rest of the women were paying attention to me all night because not only was I having fun, but I could actually dance and that got me cool and attractive points.

Now, being the guy that I am, I was confused and didn’t sweat it. But the next day, one of the girls in the program came up to me and told me how much she liked my moves on the dance floor and well, la di da. I’m not going to pretend that I ended up sleeping with or even doing anything with her or any of the other girls. We all flirted more until the program ended and went out separate ways. But since then I started paying attention to how much attention a man who can actually dance can receive. More than that though, a guy who’s just enjoying himself dancing. It’s not quite peacocking because it’s not even intentional.

It seems that women like a man who likes to dance

Clearly this isn’t rocket surgery but its amazing that more guys don’t just up their lambada game or learn a few dance steps and shed the self-consciousness, hit the dance floor, and meet women that way.

For the chap who isn’t sure where to start

I know the surefire dance that will have all the women checking you out…guaranteed. It’s none other than the most liked video in YouTube historyPsy’s “Gangnam Style”. I promise you fellas, if you bust this dance out in the club, women will ABSOLUTELY notice you and there will be a few who want to get to know the guy who not only knows it, but is breaking it out in the club with reckless abandon (the only way to do it is with reckless abandon, btw).

Fellas, there are very few surefire ways in the world to get noticed by the women you’re hoping will pay attention. But being the guy enjoying himself and life and dancing in the club and not being afraid to ham it up knowing silly dances and what not? Well, 60 percent of the time it works 100 percent of the time.

Trust me, I’m a blogger.

Now go forth and prosper, because there can only be one.

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