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Rock the IIT Test with Smartness


If you are an aspirant of IIT then you might already have started preparing. You have to be careful about all the ways and methods that you are adopting to prepare in the most effective manner.  Your preparation would play a key role in your performance on the final day.

Certainly you can take IIT coaching online free for your preparation but that would not be enough if you are not preparing with heart and tactics. There are many things that you have to be careful about before you end up with any preparation plan or routine.

Time Management

You have your aim in mind, but you have to face it that you won’t be in a position to attain it without smart time management. You have to realize that with thinking and planning ahead, you can make the time your friend than allowing it to become your foe. Always remember that working smart is one thing and working hard is another.  Below are some tips to use your time the best way.

  • Always arrange, prioritize and complete the most vital tasks first the way you have to complete the chapters that you have to finish first.  When you have a pattern about what has to be done first and consequently, you can make the most of your preparation.
  • Avoid the distractions and make sure that you follow your timetable to a great extent. It would mean no unnecessary meetings or conversations with your friends or family.   While you are studying, make sure that your soul and mind is sinking in your books.
  • There should not be any place for procrastination and make sure you aim for incremental enhancement.
  • Make a habit of reviewing all your performance and tasks and this would become an asset for your performance.  The right habits will help your preparation in enormous ways.

Plan the things

Remember the last factor above, to make habits, then begin to developing your first habit for every single day that is planning out your day every morning or the next day every single night. When you make a plan what you would do the next day or the same day in preparation, you can stick to your preparation.When you are doing planning, make sure that you plan things carefully.  Your plan should contain some breaks, rest and relaxation. You cannot simply bottle up yourself with stress and tension.

Know the test properly

Every student or aspirant must know the syllabus and the entire exam pattern such as the back of their hand. You have to understand that the syllabus for JEE is wide wide say the least and you would have to prepare every single topic with equal energy if your dream college is way up on the finest colleges list.The better you know about the test and its criteria’s and everything; in the more effective manner you would be able to perform.


So, keep these things in mind, watch IIT coaching videos and take professional guidance during your preparation to rock the test!

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