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What is Cryptography? Know Basics


Cryptography is the science of transforming plain text into the encrypted texture for data security. Third person is not able to detect the path of decoding the information. In ancient Egypt, Greek and Germany, the higher authority and script writers used different encryption techniques to jot down messages.  With this cryptography, people are able to write content in symbolic figures to divert others.

Types of Cryptography

  • Classic Cryptography
  • Digital or computerized cryptography

Discover Objectives of Cryptography

  • The modern cryptography is an advance technology for enhancing the protection of data. Online hacking is now horrible to people. Large size organizations must not deliver information to rant companies. So, encrypted coding language is much effective in the case of inhibiting the cause of the data hacking.
  • Good cyber crime management
  • Data saving
  • Low cost to deliver encrypted messages

Cryptography in Different

In healthcare, media, banking sectors and financial market, cryptography algorithm has its roles to play. Information stored in database should be managed. The data deployment channels must not be identified by hackers. Therefore, right now, cryptographers are hired to encode and decode written content to ensure privacy.

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No Data Conversion into Different Formats Stop Piracy

Data encryption stops information conversion into different formats. Hackers use powerful decoders but they don’t convert coded text into different languages or plain text.  Cryptographers create new passwords for text encoding/decoding.

More Data Security

Big organizations have to install new cross device compatible systems to mobilize the data transportation. When data are bypassed to other devices, the risk of piracy and plagiarism can’t be lessened. Computerized data encryption method is conducive to the information safety. It is not possible for unknown persons to discover the existence of plain text which is formatted in coded language.

Modified Cryptographic

At different phases, cryptography is modified to remove the drawbacks. Elliptic Curve Cryptography is an advanced edition of cryptography. It is an innovative data encrypting toolkit which speeds up the process of content encoding/decoding. In this regard, Homomorphic data encryption mechanism is much better. Without content decoding, do content assessment and calculations. Without data leakage from the database, complete surveys or data analysis using the multi functional Homomorphic encryption system.

Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptographic

Cryptographers communicate with each other through different keys or codes.  Symmetric cryptography is a sub-category of the digital cryptography. It enables both sender and receivers to exchange data with same keys. Both parties understand these secret codes for communication.

However, on the other hand, asymmetric cryptographic technology is another way of data formatting. Take various public keys or codes to transfer data to guest systems. Asymmetric cryptographic structures are helpful to users to share digital signatures and RSA without revealing personal details. Similarly, hash symbol is also opted for by many professional cryptographers to conduct the data encryption jobs.

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Risk Free Content Delivery Ensured

Now-a-days, hackers have powerful content stealing technology. They visit the sites and import the content illegally.  The content plagiarism issue is now severe to destruct the online world. Information technology must be upgraded. Cryptography is therefore handy to IT professionals, webmasters and people to keep data out of fraudulence.

Authenticate the information delivery process easily via cryptographic tools. The data exchange is meticulous and perfect. The vast digital network must have new cryptographic software to minimize the attempts of illegal data access.  Even in gaming industry, latest debugged cryptographic system is introduced for reducing the impact of cyber crime.

Finally, for basic knowledge about cryptography, people have to go through detailed information posted by experts. Free videos and training are seen user-friendly to newcomers who are not accustomed to cryptography.However, before permitting third party to give you encrypted Captcha or codes to insert in the search box, feel free to cross verify. The best authorized sites have certificates to offer codes encrypted for data import/export. Unknown or fake websites must be excluded from your list.

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