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MultCloud Web App Review Multiple Clouds Manager


Now in big data age, storage become more and more tighter in personal local hard disk. Many people try to save their files in cloud. Some companies developed cloud services such as Dropbox, MEGA, etc. Some traditional software or technology or Internet companies also released their cloud drives, for example: Google Drive, One Drive, Amazon S3, Amazon Cloud Drive and so on.

People even could create their own private cloud drive via a platform called own Cloud. In a word, this is a cloud time, users have at least one cloud accounts. How to manage them is a headache. And sometimes we need file exchange across different cloud services. Here, I would like to recommend you a tool called MultCloud to help you solve all these trouble.

What is MultCloud?

MultCloud is easy to understand, its name says it all: multiple clouds management app. Since it is a web app, you can use it on any browsers, any devices, any operating systems. Where has Internet, where you can login MultCloud. MultCloud has no client and you don’t need to install any plugins. What’s more, MultCloud is free to register. Creating an account likes in common forums. Now MultCloud even supports signing in without account. You only need to click the “experience without signing” link from its website.

For those who use this way entering, MultCloud provides you a random username and password, and you can bind your email address whenever you want. Of course, change the password too.

Features of MultCloud

To use MultCloud, you should add your clouds into it first. MultClouds supports more than 30 clouds. It has normal files management functions like in Windows explorer. Right click you can find: upload, download, create, cut, delete, rename, copy, preview, share, etc options.

To transfer data from OneDrive to Google Drive, there are four methods, following are three easy ways.

  • Choose “Copy” then “Paste”.
  • Choose “Copy to” and set in the “Copy to” window.
  • Direct drag&drop.

Now that the core function of MultCloud is transferring. Switching to Cloud Transfer Service, you can enjoy more powerful transmission feature – schedule transfer and filter, overwritten, etc.

MultCloud is very safe to use. It does not save your data. The security of MultCloud is very high. It applies 256-bit AES Encryption for SSL when data transferring. Moreover, MultCloud does note record username and and password for supported OAuth authorization cloud drives. Take Dropbox as an example, the last step – authorize MultCloud accesses your Dropbox is in Dropbox’s official website.


Overall, MultClous is an excellent app to help you manage all cloud storage in one place. When you want to move photos, videos from one cloud to another, it will help you a lot. It is free to use. The number of adding cloud into MultCloud is unlimited.

Another key function of MultCloud is Cloud Sync, which provides eight sync ways. With the help of MultCloud, we can share cloud files free to everyone, upload files directly in cloud drive. In a word, the potential of MultCloud is unlimited!

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