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Electrical Maintenance of Rented Properties


Actually, electrical safety is very important, but in rental property is it considered to be compulsory thing. While on the other hand, in the private properties it is not mandatory. Actually landlord should prefer to maintain electrical safety of property because it’s his duty that he provide a safe house to the tenant, other than that if there will be any type of repair and maintenance work even then he have to do it on behalf of the tenant. Here in this article we are discussing about tips that you must consider to maintain the rented properties.

Importance of Electrical Safety in Rented Properties:

The first thing that you must know about in that landlord is liable to do maintenance of electrical wiring according to section 11, of the Act of Landlord and Tenant of the year 1985. Afterwards, this law was simplified in 1994 along with the introduction of regulation of Electrical Equipment. This law has made the landlord entirely responsible for the repair and maintenance work of the electricity supply of rented properties.

Responsibilities of Landlords to Maintain Electrical Safety:

Actually landlord is considered to be entirely responsible for all the appliances that are already present in the rented property. It might include any types of appliances like cookers, fridges, microwaves, washing machines etc. All these appliances should be in proper working condition while renting out of the property.

The Landlord Must Repair:

  • All the defective electrical wiring
  • Threadbare and exposed wires should be repaired
  • Solve the issue of unsteady currents, that is causing flaming when any appliance will be plugged
  • He should prefer to get the electrical safety certificate
  • He will repair if there will be any type of power cuts present in the property
  • They should prefer to change the covers of broken power socket, from where plastic part will be revealing the wiring

Tenant Is Responsible for Appliances They Own:

The next thing that you must know about is that if the tenant will own anything, then it will be his responsibility to repair and maintain it. The landlord will only be responsible for the electrical safety work that will come under his possession and ownership.

On Purpose Damages Caused by Tenants Are Their Responsibility:

The next thing that you should prefer to know is that if the tenant will cause damage to electrical wiring or an appliance which broke down due to a tenant’s fault so in that case it will be the tenant’s responsibility to repair it. While on the other hand landlord will only be responsible for the repair and maintenance that have stopped working due to malfunctioning on their own, due to normal usage. If any appliance will be accidentally got damaged from tenant then it will be his responsibility to repair it.

Renters Should Prefer Not to Do the Following Things:

  • Renters should prefer not to use electrical appliances against their anticipated purpose otherwise it will be counted as their fault if it will break down.
  • They should avoid storing any type of flammable or dangerous materials near their electrical outlets.
  • Tenants should avoid cluttering the luggage near their electrical outlets
  • They should never have any type of water, or moisture near the electrical outlets.

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