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5 Ways to Connect Your Online and Offline Marketing


Online marketing is the basis of any campaign nowadays, but offline marketing still has a massive impact on its outcome. While each of them plays a big role in the development of the campaign, connecting the two can do wonders. In fact, it can determine the success of the entire campaign. Here are the 5 best ways to connect your online and offline marketing strategies to get the best possible results:

1. Use Online-Based Targeting for Offline Marketing

Online marketing requires a lot of information about the brand users, but it also relays some very important details about the user experience. By going into the analytics part of online marketing, you can get information about the specific details about the product that are relevant to the users, as well as other cold-hard facts that can guide your offline campaign.

For instance, if you want to do print advertising, you can use web analytics to find the ideal products for the target audience of this offline campaign. Moreover,  you can then reverse the process and see how efficient the offline campaign was in analytics all via URL tracking.

2. Make Sure Your Online Info Is Present in Your Offline Marketing

Offline marketing can lead potential clients directly to your products. This can also happen with a detour through your website or social media pages. As such, you must include all the necessary information about the online in your offline campaign. Make it as easy as possible for people to find you even though you’re one Google search away.

Don’t rely on your audience’s willingness to make that Google search, but instead try to motivate them to look you up online.  For instance, if you use flyers, having the company’s official website and the full array of social media pages is absolutely crucial because this is the shortest way for a person who’s interested in your products to become a customer. Conversion lies in the smallest of details and this is certainly one of them.  

3. Make Sure Your Offline Info Is Present In Your Online Marketing

Yes, this goes both ways. Whenever you host events or campaigns, making them as visible as possible online is essential for the outcome. Taking your online audience to your offline events will assure the success of your campaign. Then, their presence will ensure that more people will be interested. Always advertise your events based on the online communication you’ve set up with your target audience. Once they get to experience your brand physically as well, it will build trust, which you will see in both short-term and long-term revenues.

4. QR Codes Take Your Offline Audience Online

QR codes are a wonder of mobile technology. By scanning a 2-dimensional barcode, your physical audience is instantly taken online, where you can guide them to the experience you want them to have. QR codes can be included on anything from flyers to tickets to virtually any type of physical promotional material.

If you correlate your offline marketing strategy with an online campaign, the overall experience will be complete. When somebody scans the code, you can then use online technology to take your marketing campaign all the way and ensure conversion.

5. Translate Your Offline Marketing for Your Online Audience

When you hold events for your products, be they supermarket campaigns or high-end launch parties, the essential aim is to get people to interact with your brand. While this will be extremely useful for the people who attend the events, there is still a lot more potential to them. If you can get these people to advertise their interaction online, the experience will be relatable for a lot of other potential users.

Use selfie campaigns with branded hashtags for your social media accounts. You can also use various other visual-based campaigns that will show people using your products and having a positive experience. Influencer recruitment for these campaigns will maximize their efficacy because your target audience will see people they already trust enjoying your products.    

As you can see, connecting your online and offline marketing strategies can lead to a much powerful campaign. Keep these 5 easy tips in mind when you plan your campaign so that it ensures the flow between your online and your offline presence. We assure you that you will see the difference in your conversion rates.

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