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Five Things That Make iPhone X Better than Any Android Smartphone


An Apple iPhone X or a premium Android smartphone? It has become an age-old debate that always re-emerges each time Apple releases a new iPhone model. Many people think that it’s a pointless debate, but after the release of a new iPhone model, people are left wondering whether it is time to finally ditch their trusty Android device.

Yes, the iPhone X still has some issues, but it is still a fantastic smartphone and there’s no perfect device. However, depending on your preferences and requirements, the iPhone X could finally become the one that you should choose. Here are five things about iPhone X that may easily tempt hardcore Android users.

It is drop-dead gorgeous:

Although many people think that it is a banal reason to buy something based only on its sleek looks and pretty designs, there’s still a merit to this assumption. Using something that’s appealing to you will make the experience feels more fulfilling and fun. You should also like the feeling that you are using something unique and special. Today, there’s nothing more special in the smartphone market than the Apple iPhone X.

There are some extremely expensive smartphones models with jewels and precious metals, but they are just pompous and decadent. They often have mediocre functionality and performance, compared to the latest high-end smartphone models. In this perspective, the iPhone X simply stands out quite strongly. The iPhone X is a great mix of performance, rich features, user-friendly navigation, and an overall fantastic design.

The iPhone X should look special when placed beside the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel 2 XL. The glass display goes quite well with the stainless steel frame of the iPhone X.

Its display is fabulous:

Despite the much-despised notch, the screen of Apple’s newest smartphone should be your favorite part of all. Due to its 5.8-inch size, the phone looks quite expansive and it looks great with the near edge-to-edge display. Everything that is shown on the screen appears to be at its absolute best and it is as if that objects on the display are rendered for the iPhone.

The OLED panel appears to be better than on Samsung’s latest smartphone models. The TrueTone feature allows for the excellent color calibration and reproduction of the brilliant color. Any Android user would agree that no Android device could come close in terms of display quality, even the Samsung Galaxy S8.

It has excellent performance:

Performance is based on various factors and not just the processor. When it was first released, the A7 processor was theoretically faster than others. However, the Google Pixel and OnePlus 5 felt somewhat smoother, because the earlier iOS version was too heavy and slow. Apple has tweaked the animations in the iOS 11.

As a result, the A11 Bionic processor can unleash its true power when running apps. The Apple iPhone X simply feels fast and very responsive. It should be able to provide you with extremely smooth software and flashier animation. When you browse something, you will notice better performance compared with previous iPhone models. The iPhone X also has 3GB of RAM, which allows for more apps to run simultaneously in the background.

Guaranteed updates and global warranty:

Unless you are using the Google Pixel, there’s no chance that you are getting software updates. With the Apple iPhone X, you will get immediate updates and software upgrades will be available for at least two years. Also, starting with iPhone X, you will also get an international warranty. It means that you can buy your iPhone in South Korea and get it serviced in Germany if it is still under warranty.

Face ID and animojis are fun:

With each new iPhone model, Apple delivers new fun features. The Face ID may be somewhat slower than the proven Touch ID and various fingerprint scanning features on Android smartphones. However, it is clear that Face ID feels a lot more futuristic. Face ID feels really great when you use it for unlocking the phone.

The Animoji feature should appeal a lot to casual owners of iPhone X, which creates animated emoji based on your facial expressions captured by the Face ID sensors. For many people, it feels magical to have an animated emoji representation based on their facial expression.

iPhone X is the best buy of the time but they aren’t cheap and the most heartbreaking fact is they rarely go on sale.

So how the dream of becoming an iPhone X user can come true? Don’t go, hopeless people, there is still a chance of buying the precious gadget on less price and this opportunity comes along with refurbished iPhone. Refurbished iPhone are the models that are just returned after the purchase or they were a floor model.

People return the purchase for many reasons and there is usually nothing wrong with the unit. This piece could be the best buy for you even you can buy the refurbished iPhones online, you just need to find a trusted source.

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