Have your important files disappeared accidentally due to your inadvertent fault? Do you have no screenshot or copied text to save your job? Certainly, Yodot file recovery system is meant for serious guy who is able to retrieve deleted files from external hard disk with this fast Yodot. The data management process is simple. It is the right data restoration toolkit for over 10 million people in the world.

Recover Data Fast Use Yodot

The recovery of your data must not be encrypted in symbolic machine language. It will spoil your goodwill in the long run. The official documents, files and videos are unchanged after the restoration.  It is because of the data scanning feature with this advanced Yodot software to manage tons of files on a single go. Files are debugged and then reloaded.

That’s why; there is technical glitz when you reboot the system to have the files from hard drive. What you have to do is to install this Yodot data retriever on your window 10/XP computer for continuing the data transformation. In access content is restored into your desktop.

This machine will locate all your missing documents which are not easy to recover through your recycle bin. Follow the procedures of Yodot installation. Save and keep installing the toolkit on windows.  

The files will be brought back through a different hi-tech system admin which is mainly designed to retrieve the lost files. Maybe, you might have forgotten to save your video files. Later, your system removed the documents. If it is very urgent for you, Yodot does your job by retrieving files which are not found.

Newly Upgraded Version of Yodot

The upgraded version of the Yodot is available with a preview section to help rookies to check the selected files for being transferred from the external hard disk to the desktop. Many guys  are confused whether their content will be retrieved perfectly. The online preview must be a good option for viewers to see the files deleted from the system.

Buy the premium pack and have fun at the time of using this data retriever. Well, there are two software installation options such as online and offline modes. Insert the given key / code number/password to install this software. Right now, people are agreed to buy the fantastic Yodot data recovery machine to protect their virtual office from theft and piracy.

Activation Keys to Download Yodot


If the given keys are not workable, feel free to contact the representatives to have new code number for Yodot activation on your windows.

Free Trial for People to Learn Basics

Is there any free trial option to use Yodot? Of course, rookies have to learn to download this Yodot for having fast access to in access files without technical difficulty. Frankly speaking, in this free trial or demo session, subscribers will not be allowed to save the software permanently for personal usage.

Otherwise, you have no problem to retrieve and scan the data on Yodot.  Is Yodot able to support your Windows device? Before purchasing this unique data recovery software, you must go through the tech details to avoid any technical fault.

Supported Windows

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.x
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Sever 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2003 R2
  • RAM space: not less than1GB size (recommended)
  • Download file size: 56.3 MB

Supported File Systems

  • FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5, exFAT

Important Facts to Know

  • RAM space should be at least 1 GB or over to support the software installation.
  • 56.3 MB of Yodot file recovery software should be downloaded and saved on windows.

Yodot with GUI to Support Mac

Definitely, new edition of Yodot data retriever is also compatible with Mac  It is an excellent cross device compatible software to assist Windows and Mac users to speed up the data recovery from the external hard disk. Yodot has GUI/Graphical User Interface to visualize the data recovery icons which are absent on MS-DOS.  

So it is easy to track the icons to go to different locations for recovering data. Over 300 different digital files are reloaded and recovered from system drives/external hard disk. Reboot your system when it is not functioning. Yodot is the best file recovery software to ensure the hassle free data restoration.

Lost files are immediately recovered on Yodot. Have full-fledged file recovery backup on demand. In this connection, live support team of Yodot is helpful to customers to troubleshoot any complicated technical condition regarding the file restoration from the hard disk.

It is a good digital data recovery media which exports data from flash drive, memory stick and memory cards as well. Finally, check the Yodot software installation demos online. It is a world class data safety software for windows and Mac.