Business travel is completely different from usual travel and it also has its own perks. Imagine yourself being sick and tired of your daily routine. A business trip to a new country will prove to be much needed breath of fresh air that will not only rejuvenate your mind and body but also allows you to explore the world out of your office. One of the biggest consideration business travelers face is that which destination they must travel to. If you are struggling to decide which destination you should visit on your next business trip then, this article is for you.

In this article, you will learn about ten business travel destination you should travel to.

1. New York

There is no better city for business travel than the Big Apple itself. You will find companies from all around the globe in New York City. You name it and New York City have it. Every big company you know have an office in New York City. Apart from established businesses, the startup scene is gaining momentum as well in New York, The city is hub of financial services, media and technology. Don’t forget to visit the Empire State Building, Central Park and Museum of modern art and see the Broadway show.

2. London

The financial capital of Europe is filled to the brim with multinational firms and investment banks. There is also a dedicated financial hub called Canary Wharf which is located near the Themes river. There is no denying that the impact of Brexit have subdued business activities to a certain extent but it is still a business and cosmopolitan hub for not only England but also for Europe. With so many options for food and drink and a lot of museums, you will surely love this city.

3. Toronto

Canada’s metropolitan city has long been a center of attention for businesses due to its financial services. Dotted with skyscrapers, this beautiful city located near lake Ontario has all it takes to become the financial capital of the world. Shopaholics will fall in love with this city as it is a great city for shopping. Throw in historic museums and the history and cultural fans will love it too.

4. San Francisco

San Francisco is famous for technology and most of the tech giants that has become household names are headquartered in this city. What many people don’t know is that it is also one of the most thriving business cities in the US. After a hectic day at work filled with meetings, phone calls and emails, you can head over to Fishermen Wharf or head to the famous Golden Gate Bridge. It is also famous for its tourism, shopping and health care facilities. If you have some money, you could take luxury yacht rental services and see San Francisco in its full glory at night.

5. Frankfurt

Famous for its aviation industry, it has one of the largest airports in Europe but there is another side of Frankfurt that most business travelers are unaware of. It is one of the major cities in Europe as far as financial services are concerned. With European Central Bank located in the city, it is one of the best cities to do business. Visit the Frankfurt stock exchange and Stadel Museum. It is slowly emerging as a hub for bio technology, telecommunications and creative services as well.

6. Dubai

Famous for its skyscraper laden skyline, artificial islands, shopping malls, Dubai is slowly but surely emerging as a business capital of Middle East. Many top multinational companies are opening their offices in Dubai. With ambitious goals set for 2020, exponential growth in real estate and construction business and ease of doing business. Want to spend a lovely evening with your team or want to talk to clients about future projects? Yacht charter rental in Dubai is an ideal choice.

7. Dublin

If you want to see the modern and ancient side in one city then, you should visit Dublin. You will find ancient investment banks as well as modern ones in the city. Moreover, the city is also a great choice for relaxing after a tiring day. For foodies and party animals, there are many restaurants and pubs you can visit. Literature fans will fall in love with the literally heritage that Dublin has to offer.

Which city you will travel to for your next business destination? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.