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How To Animate Your Mobile Apps?


Did you know that how many mobile apps are there in the world? No. There are more than 7 million mobile apps in respective apps stores. Hundreds of new apps are added to the respective apps stores on the daily basis. How can you make your mobile app stand out from the crowd in such a situation?

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One way to do that is by making a great first impression with interactive animations to your mobile applications. In order to create the best mobile apps, you need to combine great user interface design with the engaging user experience. This article will show you how to include animations in your mobile app to make it more interesting.

1. App Launch Screen

Congratulations! You have installed the mobile app. Now, the app icon will be visible to you. As soon as you tap on that icon, what is the first thing you see? It is the app launch screen, right. That is when you must make a great first impression on the user. If your mobile app manages to do that it will make the user curious about exploring the mobile app and they will spend more time with your mobile app.

If you have a feature-rich app that takes a bit longer to load, you can use app launch screen animation to keep the user distracted and make them believe that the loading times are short. You can choose a simpler set up with an animated logo or greet the user with a fancy animation.

2. Onboarding

Did you know that an average app loses a major chunk of its daily active users within the first three months after its launch? Although, there could be many reasons for it one reason is poor onboarding process. Unfortunately, mobile app developers don’t pay attention to improving the onboarding process during mobile application development process.

Highlight the key features or benefit your mobile app users will get after using your mobile app. Make the transition smoother and make it easy for your users to get into the mobile app and access it. Keep your mobile app onboarding process short and focused so it won’t put off the user. Use animated walkthroughs instead of using the traditional static slide method for mobile app onboarding.

3. Login Screens

Liven up your log in screen by adding an animation to it. Even if user only have to enter their username and passwords, adding an background animation on login screen will make it more interesting while make your app look unique. You can either use a time-lapse video or animation playing in the background or you can use a concept inspired by your relevant industry. For instance, you have a food delivery app, you can use images of food as a background or video.

4. Menus

Unleash your creativity and come up with unique menu animations to be implemented in your mobile app. Experiment with different fonts and background images. Adding distinctive menu animation give your mobile app the novelty it needs to stand out from the crowd. You can even make your error pages more interesting by adding animations to them as well. Give users something to cheer when they see an error so it can reduce their anger caused due to error.

5. Progress and Activity Indicator

No one likes to wait, right. With our busy lifestyles and impatient attitude, we want everything done instantly with a push of a button. Although, mobile app developers are trying extremely hard to ensure that mobile users don’t have to wait for mobile apps to load but there is always a stutter here and there. To make the waiting less taxing for mobile app users, you can use an animation which keeps them distracted until the mobile app loads properly.

You can also add animations to activity and progress bars, which make the waiting time less annoying for your mobile app user and also allows users to see the progress. Moreover, it also helps your mobile app to grab user’s attention. Don’t use animations for small activities that takes a couple of seconds but for activities that take longer, it is a great choice for the mobile app.

How do you incorporate animations in your mobile application? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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