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AOMEI OneKey Recovery Review


Many laptop and brand-name desktop has its own built-in one-click recovery program. Such as HP has Backup and Recovery Manager, Toshiba has Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator, Lenovo has Lenovo one key recovery, Acer has Acer eRecovery Management. These programs often make other users jealous. However, the users who using brand device know its shortcomings and limitations.

If you have resized partition or re-installed system, you cannot guarantee that the brand computer built-in one-click restore tool still works well, many of them maybe invalid. But to third-party recovery software, they often will not be affected.

That’s why many users prefer to use third-party professional software instead of the built-in one. Besides, third-party software not only provides one-key recovery function for brand-name PC, but also others. Thus, spend some time and look for a tool that suits you is necessary. After all, the professional one-key recovery tool do really convenient for users. Now, let’s continue to discuss third-party one key recovery tool.

There are many one-key recovery tools in the market, and we must select within comprehensive thinking. Considering the data safety and the simple operations, here recommend you AOMEI OneKey Recovery, a free application released by AOMEI Technology.

It can give you a totally different experience in restoring system. By the way, their another product – AOMEI Backupper, has been reviewed on many sites. AOMEI Backupper is a full-scale Windows backup software, while AOMEI One Key Recovery focus on system backing up and restoring. So, the size of AOMEI One Key Recovery is much smaller and its operations are much more convenient.

AOMEI One Key Recovery is very easy to use. Open AOMEI One Key Recovery, you can enjoy its deep blue interface, so friendly and simple. There are only two icons/buttons on the main screen: One Key System Backup and One Key System Recovery. They separated the backup and recovery functions.

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