Blue Mail is a free, amazingly-based, e-mail app, which is equipped to deal with random numbers of mail accounts from different suppliers, handling push alerts and while submitting email while one At the same time, multiple email accounts help personalize. Blue Mail is ideal for your stock email app.

An easy and simple bundled face is used to use great binding records in the layout, Blue Mail has provided the first class email e-mail.

Every one in your email

Multiple suppliers – Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL, Outlook, Ultto, iCloud and Office 365.

Support for IMAP, POP3 + Exchange (ActiveSync, EWS, 365) auto layoutCompile. Different mailboxes to each of your suppliers in the unified interfaceInstant push mail for the wide range of suppliers (IMAP, Exchange, Office 365, and so on.)

Upgrade features

Smart mobile notifications – Stealth hours, custom sound, light, light, LED light, each of your records per hour and various inclinations.

Group Mail – Explain and share groups to quickly send and receive emails. Beautiful Dark Subject – With program switch between day and night modes.

Recycled text mark – Easily arrange content style and add your logo. Reduction of darkness – Receive and adopt appropriate notice from your watch.

Mobile printing – integration with any printer built by Android, for example, select Modules. Friendly smart connection – makes e-mail useful and simple.

Trustworthy – Customize your swipe menu and see activity with email that is very important for you. APON UNREAD BADGE – See that your particular screen on your home is another email in your inbox.

System for day – Custom for disconnected use. Comprehensive and unified adjustments – initially access your emails.

Completing STUFF

● Set to set email – check emails later to deal and set up updates so you do not miss them 365 days a year

● Mark Email – When you want to get an email, you can easily rid it like this, such as listening to a beaten track without getting over or getting a golden inbox. Using

● Short movies – Easily enable emails via new / featured features

Outdoors out

● SENDER IMAGE – Sharing your colleagues and contact photos to enable you to speed up incoming mail

● Symbols of service – Their symptoms are easily understood by the main administration

● UNREAD COUNT – 1×1 new gadgets for a record including your app’s mark (for the strongest gadgets) or an unite inbox!

● Colorfulness – makes everything basic

Personal and safe

● Industry leadership registration – Your information is constantly prepared to ensure your email

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