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Dual id now open with the help of WhatsApp business


The WhatsApp Business assists you to make a close business on WhatsApp, with your customers, effectively and helps you promote your business.

On this occasion, you have separate business and individual telephone numbers, you can also introduce both Voices Business and Voice Messages to the same phone, and can enter them with different numbers.

WhatsApp Messenger

Despite the accessible exhibition in WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business is included in:

Business Profile: Enables your customers to contact your site, region, or data to find profitable data for their customers.

Business Messaging Equipment’s: To show your customers more acceptable to use your posts to show that you have gone away.

Link Line / Fixed Numbers Support: You can use Voice Sis Business with landline (or settled) telephone number and your customers can send you a message on this number. With the check, select “Call Me” to select the code.

Otherwise leave the messaging and split business: You can use both Voice paper Business and Voice Space on similar telephones, but each application must have its own interesting telephone number.

Whatsapp Web: You can effectively negate your customers from your computer program.

WhatsApp Business is based on?

The WhatsApp Business is based on the WhatsApp Messenger and gives light on each of them, depending on you, for example, send media, free calls free global messaging visit collections, messages Attached messages, and much more.

Data charges can apply. Contact your supplier for points of interest.

Note: When you promote your conversation with WhatsApp Messenger from the WhatsApp Messenger, you will never have the ability to re-convert it to Assassin Messenger again.

In the event that you want to come back, we tell you before copying Voice Vo Business to copy the Voice app messenger over your phone on your phone.

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