First and foremost the question in every parent’s mind is about the dilemma of giving phones to their wards. There is always a discussion on the ideal age of giving the mobile phone to a kid. Plus there is no right and wrong answer here, some parents are totally in support of giving phones to their kids at early age where some are not and both have the genuine logics with them.

As per the research the ideal age of a kid to carry phone for any reason is somewhere between 10 and 11. Most of the time parents offer their kids a phone in secondary school only i.e. around 11 or 12. However age should not be the factor rather the main factor should be the need, always think do they really need it and you will have your answer.

Things you need to consider:

No matter what logic you have in your mind regarding your decision of giving or not giving phones to your kid, you might agree that there are always risk associated with providing mobile phones to the kids at early age. They can connect with wrong people or come across inappropriate material or unusually high billing, etc. are some of the basic examples of the risk. Hence as a parent you have to think certain factors and ask yourself question to make the decision easy and more appropriate.

Here are certain questions which you should think before giving your kids mobile phones:

  • Are they responsible enough?
  • Do they keep you updated about their life and activities?
  • Do they really need phones in regards to safety reasons?
  • Do they follow rules, like not using phones in class or harass someone?
  • Can they time their mobile usage?
  • Do they have a habit of losing things here and there?
  • Can you trust them to use mobile phone and not misuse it?

Options you have in hand:

  • Refurbished Phones:Refurbished phones are as good as new phones and also are available at discounted prices.This way you don’t have to pay excessively high amount for the phone and still get a good handset. So if the phone gets damaged because of any reason you don’t have to worry avoid being at loss.
  • Basic phone:There are always basic model phones which do not have smartphone’s functions in them. The main work of these phones is to offer the connectivity among the parents and the kids without them worrying about misuse.
  • Limited facilities:You can always limit the facilities on the phones like phones with no internet plans or no Wi-Fi feature or no camera feature, etc. you have the right to choose the network plan on your kid’s phone. So you can always play your card there if need arises.
  • Budgeted:Keep the kids on budget in regards to mobile usage. It will help you to avoid the unusual high amount of billing and will teach your kid to manage the funds properly. Sometimes kids download numerous applications in their phones without even thinking about the bill.
  • Password Protection: To download or install any app your kid needs to get through the play store. Well you can always have the option of putting a password on the store application or the id in order to restrict your kid from downloading anything.
  • Parental Controls: Every day technology is growing and getting better. The phones in current era have several kind of features which gives you the right to control your kid’s usage of the phone. Parental controls allows the parents to limit the kids’ ability to wander inside the phone. Hence a win- win for both parents and kids.

Author Bio:

The article is contributed by Jeremy Hill, who is associated with JemJem as an editor. JemJem is the top online retailer of cheap refurbished iPhones in the USA. He enjoys creating, uncovering and disseminating new and interesting perspectives on technology and mobile phones.