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Tips to Get Most Efficient Blast Chillers


The blast freezers are the best option for caterers, hotels, restaurant, airports, pubs and caterers. Previously, people use to think blast freezers are energy hungry units. That will consume so much of energy. And it was considered the best only for large institutions. But with the advancement of technology, these units get updated and now they have become energy efficient. These chillers are actually available in lots of different sizes from which you can buy the one you need the most.

Key Energy Concerns While Buying Blast Chillers and Freezers:

1. Chillers Will Ensure Food Safety:

The most important thing that you should consider while buying the chillers is food safety. Actually, you should know that HACCP compliance will be a definite thing to use with blast chilling. According to regulations food must get chilled in 90 minutes and it must be freezing in almost 240 minutes. But if you want to add some more flexibility then prefer to buy a unit that can chill from +90°C as compared to standard one whose chilling start from +70°C.

2. Set Temperature Before Storing Food:

So before storing the hot food in the Ensure blast freezer you should make sure that whether it is switched on or not. It should be at correct temperature that must be almost 3°C for chilling and it should be -18°C for freezing. Otherwise there are chances that refrigeration system will be over-worked.

3. Prefer to Keep the Chiller Closed:

The next thing that you should keep in mind is to keep it closed specially after the start of blast cycle. This will help you to make the blast freezer or chiller energy efficient.

4. Prefer to Load The Chillers Up to Half:

Keep in mind that when the blast chillers or freezers will be less than a fully loaded, then it will spread the chill evenly in the entire unit. It will in short increase its speed. And help you to ensure that food will be uniformly chilled.

5. Choose the Right Size for The Job:

The next thing that you should do while buying the chiller is to analyze the size that you exactly want. So first of all see how much storage space you actually want to have in your chiller after that see the amount of space that is present. And then decide about the size of chiller that you exactly want to buy. If you are dealing with low volumes of food, then you should prefer to use a small under counter chiller that will be very much efficient choice for you.

6. Prefer to Use A Food Probe:

The next thing that you should know about blast chillers and freezers is that you can simply use a food probe for controlling the blast chill cycle. That will in return help you save more energy. To get the most accurate temperature readings, you should prefer to place the probe right in the middle of the tray.

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