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What is the CakePHP framework? and why should use it?


CakePHP is a free, open-source and rapid development framework for PHP. It’s a principal structure for programmers to create web applications. CakePHP development company in India helps you to build these applications much faster and also makes your task simpler by minimizing the requirement of building your application from scratch.

The CakePHP website makes building web applications simpler, faster with the requirement of less code.

Let’s take a look What is the CakePHP framework?

Apart from being convenient and flexible, there is much more to CakePHP which makes it a preferred PHP development framework for many, here we are providing a few reasons why you should choose CakePHP.

  1. MVC architecture

CakePHP follows MVC or ‘Model View Controller’ for software design pattern. The MVC divides your application into three major components. Each component handles different aspects. The ‘Model’ is specially designed to support all data related logic that you work with. With model class, you can use insert, update, delete or read the data from the database.

  1. Convenient Extensions

If you are using CakePHP, you can easily extend your project with components, behaviors, and plug-ins. It allows you to create sections of the reusable code which becomes useful for multiple projects. By increasing the functionality using these components, behaviors, and plug-ins, you can create a basic library instead of Cake’s extending core libraries.

  1. Easy configuration

Because of easy configuration, the majority of CakePHP users selected it as their web framework. With CakePHP, you just need to manage the database connections settings. Other than that, there isn’t any part of codes for which you need to state the location of the library or the specific URL of the website. Future Profilez makes your work easier and swifter to a significant level.

  1. Object Relational Mapping

Object-relational mapping is an important programming technique which helps to facilitate data conversion between incompatible type systems in databases and object-oriented programming languages. That means every table is represented from a class. The aim of CakePHP is creating the hybrid implementation to create a fast and easy to use ORM.

  1. CRUD scaffolding

CRUD is taken from the main activities involved in most the web applications namely Create, Read, Update, and Delete. This technique is very useful as it gives you a preliminary view of your application in a single line of code. The bake.php core library has now changed which makes it very easy to modify things as per requirements of your application.

  1. Testing features

It’s an important feature for developers for large applications. CakePHP having the ability to create a test to check your application and any criticality attached to it. There are two types of tests: core and custom and both are very useful for large applications where you might think of any part to be critical and the performance need regular checks.


FutureProfilez uses the most popular frameworks for PHP development. It decreases the development costs to a considerable level and can rapidly build applications using code generation. There is no complicated configuration required, just set up your database and you are good to go.


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