Actually, you should know that the fuse box is a kind of the electrical service panel. Which is similar to a control board of the electrical system present in the house. Basically, you can say that fuse box use to have chains of threaded sockets. Where all the fuses will be connected together. Actually ever circuit present in the house is completely protected with a fuse.

But every fuse should be of accurate type and rated for its own circuit. So if you will use the wrong type of fuse for a circuit. It can become the reason of causing major fire hazard. That’s why it is very important that you choose right circuit for every fuse box installation. Here in this article we are discussing different types of fuses and its work.

1. Prefer to Get the Best Fuse Bases:

Fuses that are actually used for all the standard circuits are plug fuses and they use to have a screw in bases along with them. Actually, you should know that there are two different types of bases: first one is Edison base that is actually found on Type T fuses and next will be the rejection base which is normally found on S type fuses.

The Edison base which is actually the Type T fuse us to look just like the base of the light bulb. And it will get fit on the standard sockets found in older types of fuse boxes.

2. Type SL and TL Fuses Used in Houses:

Kinds of Fuses

Another type of fuses that are commonly used are type SL and type TL fuses. Basically, they are medium duty fuses that also consist of time delay elements. And nowadays these fuses are commonly used plug fuses that are actually found in most of the houses.

The main difference between SL and TL fuses lies in its base. The SL fuse consists of rejection base, and the TL fuse consists of Edison base. Next, you should know that both SL and TL fuses consist of a heat absorbing plug solder that is actually connected with the center of the fuse element.

3. Type W Fuses Used in Houses:

Another type of fuse that are being used is Type-W is actually known an outdated style of fuse that us using an Edison base. Actually, you should know that these types of fuses known as general purpose fuses and they are actually very fast acting.

These fuses don’t consist of any time delay element that’s why they quickly interrupt the entire circuit when the fuse rated amperage get exceeded.

4. Type S and T Fuses Used in Houses:

Actually, you should know that Heavy-duty and time-delay fuses are being used for circuits that use to have critical or even the high motor loads. And it consists of circuits serving motors that use to get cycled on and off. Actually, these fuses use to have feature of much longer time-delay as compared to SL or TL fuses. But the difference amongst heavy duty fuses S and T lies in its bases.