Halloween is incomplete without candies, Halloween costumes, pumpkins, horror movies, ghost stories and of course Halloween decorations. Even if you are not hosting a Halloween party, you still need to deck up your home to frighten your neighbours, trick-or-treaters and other people.

In many countries and areas, people also have a competition to judge whose house looks and has been decorated the most scariest and spookiest. People who are obsessed with Halloween literally spend big money to decorate their house to make it look like a haunted mansion that we all hear about in most horror stories, on the Halloween decorations and costumes, on candies, jack-o-lanterns and of course of good food and cake that are decorated and presented in a scary way.

Halloween decorations are literally infinite

You can come up with all sorts of ideas. In case you do not want to spend money and resources on buying Halloween decorations, you can make your own.

Do it yourself Halloween decorations are easy and extremely simple and hardly require any material. Just make use of the materials at home, re-use certain household items and your Halloween decorations are ready and you can transform your home into a haunted house, the lab of a mad scientist, or into a scary dungeon or even a graveyard.

Halloween cake

You cannot have Halloween without awesome Halloween decorations. Also, do not forget to order online cake delivery in Mumbai to end your fright night on a sweet and delicious note. In case you do not want to decorate the inside of your house, you can just decorate your garden, balcony or front porch or even just the area around the main front door. You can hang something creepy and spooky on the door and the windows. You can even just not switch on the lights to make your house seem like a place of absolute terror.

Here are some easy and awesome ideas for Halloween decorations:

  1. You can either buy spider web stickers and put them up in several places or just use white thread or ribbon to make a spider web according to the size you prefer. You can use black paper to make some super big and scary spiders and entangle them wherever you put the web. You can make big creepy eyes and expression on the faces of the spiders to give people a fright.
  2. You can use plenty and all kinds of pumpkin decorations. Pumpkins are an absolute must on the night of Halloween be it in terms of it being incorporated in food and beverages or being used as decorations. You can find lights in the shape of pumpkins and hang them anywhere you want. Pumpkin stickers and jack-o-lanterns are the best decorations for Halloween.
  3. You can decorate your regular books and magazines to make them look like an ancient spellbook of a witch. You can have white candles on candlesticks and dried flowers especially roses. You can even use red paint or sauce to give the candles and the books and flowers droplets of blood. You can make plastic skulls with old newspaper or buy skulls to decorate your house.
  4. You can use white bandage, newspaper, ribbons and threads to give your home a mummified look. You can either make a mummy or just used the white bandage to mummify the entire house.
  5. Blacks cats, bats, spiders, owls, other insects, are a few decorations that you absolutely must use on Halloween. You can either buy them or even make them by yourself easily at home. A few creatures here and there to give your home the feel of a haunted house.

After the Halloween night, order cake online in Delhi to end this scary night on a sweet note.