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New 2018 Game of Thrones Series game the Conquest


Controversy of incredible homes, the winged serpent control the sky, and the armed forces of the patients to fight the domain. Experience your dream and join the war. Make your house and grow your armed forces because you look for a dangerous political scene.

Honorable HBO management, throne games: Victory enable players to eliminate the Lord in Westers and to feature a system to destroy seven states. The winter is here and the armed forces of your forces are not in conflict with the sword and sent to false animals. Take the weapons and join the battle to catch the Lower Throne today!

A perfect game of Thrones

In the game of thrones, you win or move you.” Cersei Lannister

Become the ruler of Westers:

Build your unusual home, make your work, and as a system as a war for the crown to lead you to the domain

Talk with the main characters from the hit HB management in the range of ice snow, Daniel Tragonine, Peter Belly, Carrie Lennest and the sky.

Victory to 120+ famous seats like Winterfield, Castle Black, Dragonstone, and King Landing. Find the dangerous political scene using the creative ecosystem to guarantee your dream of giving Iron Thrill and winning the Great War.

Add your own wings: Dragons have come to Westers and they have eggs of their own psychological snake in every kingdom. Will you use opponents of your opponents to eat opponents or make sure your chat? Your selection!

  • Your name will be remembered in the names of the sinners of the sinners: Confirm
  • “This is the family name on which it lives. It’s all that’s life.” Tywin Lannister
  • Build your home and direct your domain to increase the political impact

Conflict against your ruling forces and anti-governors to catch famous seats in an epic dream.

Protect your ability, because every seat power invests you with military and financial updates for your empire. Conquer your guidance, conflicts with your opponents, and depend on the technology of this technology on the hit HB management.

Risk and spread of fingers

In your mind, depend on every fight from everywhere, everyone in your mind is your enemy, everyone is your partner.” Peter Belly

The Integration Social Framework Method Master, which enables players to join Beninen, close fighters from close fighters, and experience their partners to be ruler governing seven kings.

The Iron Throne Claims 

In a dynamic political world, choose from error and dependence, legendary serpent or awards, because you only move conflict with Hit HB management with your enemies and conflicts.

You build your small council in the tournament game, as awards for you with loyal hands as awards like Hand-King and Master of Coin. Providing extraordinary military and financial foot points to power forces to fight and win their partners.

Only in the game of thirst:

Conquest You can succeed in eliminating West Virginia’s rule and finding unsafe political frameworks as you fight for crown. Collect a armed force and make a fight mechanism.

Unsafe in famous areas with HBOOV management to win associates and honors with the main characters. Destroying your enemies using creativity, which enables you to become your friends, as you come to war, iron threshold, control seven kings of governors and warn spiritual guardians. Enables

Experience Interest Floral Games:

Fighting for the emerging Iron and to stop the kingdom of the peers!

Download On Android :

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