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Natural Home Remedies for a Shingles Patient

Shingles Patient

Shingles are one of the deadly viral infections that are caused as a result of the varicella zoster virus, and it is known to cause painful rashes. This same virus is also the cause of chickenpox. A shingles patient also suffers from a number of deadly symptoms that include pain in the body, extreme tiredness, and fever. It is true that your doctor is going to suggest antiviral treatment for treating the condition, but it is also important that you take care of certain things at your home so that you can speed up your healing process.

Given below is a list of the natural remedies that you can follow for reducing the discomfort and pain that is associated with shingles.

Healing baths

You should cleanse your blisters on a regular basis in order to reduce the risk that is associated with the spread of the infection. Taking a cool shower or bath is a great idea for soothing your skin. Cold water can help in easing the pain of the blisters and is also responsible for calming the itchiness.

Using colloidal oatmeal with lukewarm water is also a great way of taking care of the blisters. You should ensure that your body is dried completely with a towel and then the towel should be washed in order to prevent spreading of the deadly virus to your family members.

Cool compress

Other than taking a cold shower, you can also apply moist compress on the blisters. This can be done for a number of times throughout the entire day in order to relieve the stressful symptoms associated with the condition. You have to soak a clean cloth in cold water, wring the water out, and apply this cloth to the blisters and rashes.

The coolness helps in reducing the pain. You can repeat this process according to your needs. Ensure that you are not applying an ice pack, or it can increase the sensitivity of the skin, thereby worsening the pain.

Doctors suggest the ELISA test for shingles patients. You can purchase the ELISA kit from the reputed websites like if you want to conduct the test at home. You can also get numerous pieces of other laboratory equipment from this website.

Using creams and soothing lotions

If you scratch the rashes, the scars that are caused can remain for your entire life. If you see that the itching sensation is not improving even after you take a bath or cold compress the blisters, you can use creams and lotions that will soothe the rashes.

Creams and lotions cannot speed the process of healing, but they definitely work on the comfort level of your body. You should avoid the perfumed lotions or scented creams, as they can cause irritation to another level.


You should take a proper care of yourself when you are suffering from this painful condition. Ensure that you are following all the natural home remedies that have been mentioned above so that you can feel better and heal as fast as possible.

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