Identity theft is a serious threat as users are relying more on digital platforms to share their important information. Be it using banking apps, using email accounts, sharing documents or even your system consist lot of sensitive information related to you hidden on it. While identity traces play an important role to keep you safe online from cyber threats, first it becomes important to manage these identity traces on your system.

To do this, you can follow some manual steps, or you can use identity theft monitoring programs like Advanced Identity Protector for instant and effective results. Let’s discuss more about it in this article.

Follow Manual Steps

Strong Passwords: The first step to keep your identity safe on digital platforms is to use strong passwords for all your accounts. Here, you can set a password with combination of characters, numbers, special characters etc. with an at least 8-digit password. It will simply make it hard for anyone to guess or break your password security.

Use Reliable Antimalware Suite: Next in the step is to use the reliable antimalware program. These tools work on advanced algorithms to help you keep your data safe from all cyber & malware threats. It also helps you keep your system running well while keeping your system security intact.

Avoid Open Network: When you perform crucial tasks like online shopping or using banking apps then we suggest you avoid using open network. Using free or open Wi-Fi to do such activities could bring a lot of security threats unnecessarily. Here, you should prefer encrypted network with a password for better data security.

Use Advanced Identity Protector (AIP): It is one of the best ID theft protection tools that help you keep your confidential information secured. It helps you keep your sensitive information like passwords, credit card details, email accounts, bank account details, social security numbers etc. safe against cyber threats or theft.

It works on smart algorithms to create a secure wall using Secure Vault option for better security.

How does it work?

Advanced Identity Protector works on simple techniques and user-friendly manner. Once you install and launch this program, you simply need to click on “Start Scan Now” button on the Status page of the program.

Here, it will start scanning your device storage to find all important and sensitive information and display it in a user-friendly manner.

On Identity Scan window, it will display all your identity traces found on browser, email clients, documents & files and Windows Registry. Here, you can click on “Protect Now” button to move all sensitive information to Secure Vault. In other options, it allows you to remove traces permanently or add them to an exclusion list. Once you add these traces to the exclusion list, it will not be displayed in subsequent scans.

On Setting page, it allows you to schedule scan process to help you find identity traces automatically. Under general settings, it offers an auto start, auto updater and creates logs option. In addition to that, you get option to exclude items & folders from scan process. Under scan logs, you can view all scans that you have run. Here, you can export the log or delete log instantly.

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Features of Advanced Identity Protector

Protects Sensitive Information: It works as one of the best identity theft protection tool to help you protect sensitive information and identity traces like passwords, login details, credit card information, email IDs and more.

Organize Personal Data Securely: App allows you to protect your identity traces in safe manner using Secure Vault option. This encrypted vault keeps your data away from cybercriminals and any possible threat.

Protect Credit Card Information: Just like any other important information on your device, the app also helps you keep your credit card and other financial details safe. Once you move this data to an encrypted vault, no one can access it but you.

Quick Access to Information: App allows you to keep all your important credentials & passwords in built-in Secure Vault. Thus, you needn’t remember all this information as you can access it quickly anytime anywhere.

Areas Protected by AIP: App helps you keep your sensitive data & credentials safe on web browsers, email clients, documents & files and Windows registry.


While there are multiple other ways available to keep your sensitive identity traces safe away from cyber threats, using Advanced Identity Protector (AIP) is one simple solution that offers instant results. You can use this advanced identity theft monitoring program to keep all your data safe from prying eyes and cyberthreats effectively.


Following few simple security measures, you can easily keep your digital identity secure online. In addition to that, you can use identity theft monitoring programs like Advanced Identity Protector for instant and effective results.  

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Author Name – Chandra Shekhar Choudhary