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What are the biggest eSports games?


Intro section: (larger point size) Who says video games are a waste of time? Pro Gaming is an estimated $1 Billion industry1 — and the full force of its economic explosion is yet to strike.

(Smaller point size) Big Tournaments. Big Audiences. Massive Business. Competitive video gaming has evolved into a global phenomenon involving pro leagues, contracted players and millions of dollars in prize money. Here are the facts surrounding the eSport revolution.

What is an eSport?

ESports are competitive video game matches or tournaments. Millionaires are made through:

  • Prize money
  • Sponsorships
  • Revenue from streamed matches

The biggest eSport games are formatted for multiplayer online battle arenas. Booming games include:

Dota 2

Highest prize pools of any eSport: $11 Million won by team OG in 20182

League of Legends:

Most played game in US and Europe3

Up to 7.5 million people playing concurrently at any one time


Fastest-growing game of all time:  Amassed 125 million players in a single year 4.

Pay Comparison: eSport V Sport players

Parents who told their kids gaming wouldn’t pay were mistaken Rise of eSports. eSport pay could soon rival pro sport compensation:

ESport’s Highest Paid:

  • Kuro Takhasomi AKA “KuroKy”
  • Plays: Dota 2
  • Winnings: $3.5 million
  • Kuro was drawn to gaming because of a leg disability5
  • Amer Barqawi AKA “Miracle”
  • Plays: Dota 2
  • Winnings: $3 million
  • A multimillionaire at age 206
  • Saahil Arora AKA “UNiVeRsE”
  • Plays: Dota 2
  • Winnings: $2.9 million
  • Has played more than 60 tournaments7

Basketball’s Highest Paid:

LeBron James

Winnings (2017): $31.2 million8

Golf’s Highest Paid:

Rory McIlroy

Winnings (2017): $16 million9

Tennis’ Highest Paid:

Roger Federer

Winnings (2017): 6 million10

How is the eSports audience growing?

Twitch online channel: Bought by Amazon in 2014 for $970 million

Analysts say it could be worth $20 billion by 202011

More than 100 million viewers watch video game play each month — leaving the Super Bowl in eSports’ wake.12

League of Legends final:

2017 viewership: 106 million

2018 viewership: 127 million (up 20%)

Super Bowl:

2017 viewership: 111 million

2018 viewership: 103 million (down 7%)13

If you don’t know anything about eSports — you soon will

By the end of this year, 1.6 billion people — one fifth of the world’s population — will know something about eSports:14

ESport’s Future: Fringe to Mainstream

Make no mistake: The gaming sector’s about to explode.

By 2019,

427 million:

people worldwide will be watching eSports15

Projected revenue:

Forecast to rise 144%

$655 million (2017) to $1.6 billion by 202116

Virtually a Real Sport:


If these insights don’t convince parents that eSports are a legitimate pastime or possible career path — reports suggest that gaming may be featured at the 2024 Olympic Games. Hit the keyboard and start training!17

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