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Careem & ADMA online Car Bike and Auto Booking App


Mini’s # 1 car booking app for safety, safe, reliable and suitable ride. Belt was marked as the 2016 Best Local App from the Google Play Store, where you should have the camera. Driving to work? Airplane Terminal Exchange? Seeing the family? Stop, movement, car rental, sitting tight for taxi or taking transport. Download carrier now for free shipping.

The cream makes amazing:

Ride books are less demanding to lift their arm to ride on a taxi. The camera ride can be used to use the app to quickly buy a shopping trip, or to drive a ride for the day by day work or to plan a ride for another time. , Which you can use to get, is an amazing factor. Time terminal terminal.

The Camera app provides a tool gauge and enables you to track the driver (we call our own automatic colonies). You will not find an element with the maximum tax administration.

Making a decision is incredible

Pay the way you need to pay, we recognize the money and charge card. Is it safe to say that you are still holding?

Our GPS is at the following point (see what we have done?), So our captains can do without leaving you even more frequent or leave you. There is nothing else in the circles with taxi or taxi profits.

Our client bulletin is ready to help you regularly.

Your suitable ride is just a pair of tap. Transportation with the camera is simple simplicity:

  1. Download the app. Our GPS nanojas will automatically find your area more than taxi.

  2. When you need to get it, pick your car type and choose ‘Now Ride’ or ‘Afterward’.

The more satisfactory selection than being taxi

  1. Choose your drop off for tool gauge.

  2. YALLA! Tap and quickly get a confirmation in the second part, with the fine elements of your Captain and the distribution of the area.

  3. Track your ride fast. Just enter the bus. You just pay after the ride is over.

Carry car booking management every day every minute, access to Money, Money, Pakistan and Turkey, for example, Dubai, Lahore, Karachi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Qayyazim, Beirut, Islamabad, Istanbul and some And is available between See so that we work in our city.

Download On Android :

If toy want to Download this game then click here : Download.


Drive with Career – Mina’s # 1 Car Booking app. Winning yourself cash by working. Believe in being a captain in the camera or not, when you choose, where, and the amount you want to work to adopt it. Get a full control over working in a taxi and pay your salary. Why are you just a driver when you can switch to a captain?

Why cream

There is no taxi advantage, is our demand for development. Due to going with us, you stand to make profits and get cash from most transportation. Yet, it’s a drive for work or late lunch, whether you’re a person who depends on customers. So change their Sunnah to a captain.

Make the camera unique

Many exhibitions do not make us perfectly as taxi benefits, some of which are:

Sync with a taxi, how much you need to drive and how much you are able to choose when choosing

With our driver app, the GPS Tax Framework will help you to get unlikely to receive unlawful taxpayers.

Clients are compatible with paying you money or credit. Installation is easy to assemble when you go with the camera

What anxiety or inquiry? Whenever we will love to get your notification:

Every day in our apprentice Bollster through our every minute

  • Through a ride, through a ride
  • While visiting one of our workers
  • How to join a career captain?

Compliance to accepting Captain Captain is easy.

Register your fine elements on

  • Ready to prepare our captain
  • Download our driver app

Accept your first track, and you’re still on your adventure to buy cash

Cambridge’s reliable car booking administration every day, every minute in the Minne City, Pakistan and Turkey, for example, Dubai, Lahore, Karachi, Riaz, Jeddah, Qayyazim, Beirut, Islamabad, Istanbul and others. Available between See so that we work in our city.

Download On Android :

If toy want to Download this game then click here : Download.

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